Kae Chaps Drops New Album ‘Its not me, Its you’

Kudakwashe Chapepa popularly known as Kae Chaps returns with a new 13-track album titled Its not me, Its you featuring Nutty O, Holy Ten, Jnr Brown, Gemma Griffiths, Killz and Ti Gonzi.

The 26-year-old Zimbabwe Musician began teasing the project back in June by posting the album title as a caption on his Instagram posts. He later made the official announcement four months later on October 12, on Twitter, "I’m sorry I kept y’all waiting for so long, I pray it’ll be worth the wait!! ITS NOT ME, ITS YOU! #NOVEMBER6."

The release date was later postponed, whilst fans were gifted with the visuals of the lead single Sorry Boyz featuring Jnr Brown on the 8th of October. 

Various producers curated the sound of the Its not me, Its you album by Kae Chaps namely Mclyne Beats, Jusa Dementor, Marty Beats, Kanaboy, Ab on the track, Phoenix and Lavish. Frutronic is credited for mixing and mastering the album and the former Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare; Tapiwanashe Matangaidze wore the Executive Producer hat. 

Kae Chaps Drops New Album ‘Its not me, Its you’

Check out the tracklist and credits for Its not me, Its you album by Kae Chaps below.

  1. Head high (Produced by Mclyne Beats)
  2. Pasi Featuring Nutty O (Produced by Jusa Dementor)
  3. Vana Vangu Featuring Holy Ten (Produced by Marty Beats
  4. Sorry Boyz Featuring Jnr Brown (Produced by Kanaboy)
  5. Mota Inomhanya (A Tracy Chapman Inspired Interlude)(Produced by Marty Beats)
  6. Peace of Mind Featuring Gemma Griffiths (Produced by Ab on the track)
  7. Let it Burn (Produced by Ab on the track)
  8. Chandinoda Kuzivira (Produced by Phoenix)
  9. Let me down Featuring Killz (Produced by Kanaboy)
  10. Hwisiri (Produced by Kanaboy)
  11. Nemoyo Featuring Ti Gonzi (Produced by Marty Beats)
  12. Mad at Me (Produced by Lavish)
  13. I Don't wanna See you again (Produced by Marty Beats)
You can Listen to the album on YouTube.

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