Nicky Genius - Loss Featuring Holy Ten Music Video Yields Profit

For every investment made, a return is to be expected. The financial metrics of any business are calculated to determine whether resources used have been replenished and reimbursed whilst profits are the primary concern. The song in discussion recreates this discourse in a much relatable business of trading emotions.
Nicky is living a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Kuwadzana-based producer-cum-singer proved the genius with their debut album Ndokutendai Nei.  The album is a colourful compilation that assembles Zimbabwe’s finest musicians like Winky D, Baba Harare Kae Chaps, Ishan and Holy Ten. This ambitious move did not fail the marketing strategy. The video for Loss which he features Holy Ten is silently outpacing the rest of the album despite a slow start.

Nicky Genius Holy Ten Loss mp3 download

Winky D’s cultic followership ensured that Pamusoroi would definitely be the song to look out for at the time this album went live. The song loaded with exquisite lyricism exposes the Gaffa’s heavy influence on Nicky Genius. His writing testifies to obedience and attentiveness to the inspiration he has always interacted with during recording sessions with artists of this calibre. The two seem to share a bond that exudes mutual respect for their craft.

The album might not have immediately blown to expectations but one that remains floating. The song with Holy Ten is however turning tables since the release of its video. The song Loss is gaining profits for the investment made in this endeavour. It is a video that has awakened a majority of listeners who had reluctantly considered the prospects of the project at first listen. Music continues to remind us that art cannot be treated like grocery commodities. The video is a beautiful recreation of a story that indeed could not have been heard without it.

The generic growth of the Ndokutendai Nei album is proof that Nicky Genius harnessed his skill. It is reported that the album took him two years to finally serve. The album is one to carefully dedicate a few more rotations to at least relate with his genius.

Watch the video for Loss featuring Holy Ten and the rest of the album via the link below!

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