Enzo Ishall extends a five year run of impressive music with Ndanzvenga

Riding high, the stallion Enzo Ishall seems to land a little later than usual. The recently ordained ‘serial hit-maker has delivered a song and video that is taking over the streets. Enzo Ishall’s new release Ndanzvenga extends a five-year run of impressive music.

The ZimDancehall chanter still has no album to his name. He has publicly stated his fears and hesitation to abandon a modus operandi that has kept him relevant. More to his approach can as well be attributed to Soul Jah Love’s tutorship when the latter recruited him to the Conquering Family. The latter died an icon for this habit of belting hits with emphatic ease. Other than talent, depicting this level of brilliance can be difficult and remains surreal.

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In this new song Ndanzvenga, Enzo Ishall employs witty lyricism, effectively communicating the nature of the intended subject matter – hypocrisy, jealousy, malice and exploitation. The video breaks down the parable which celebrates evading backstabbers – kukurukura hunge wapotswa. He is well positioned to be the one speaking on such a notion. Enzo Ishall has always been a target for opportunists who continuously prey on talented youngsters by selling them dreams to foster their capitalist material gain. Ndanzvenga confirms Enzo’s enlightenment and how he has sneaked out of rooms full of hoodwinkers. 

Watch the video for Ndanzvenga as we look forward to furthering discussion in the comment section.

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