Silvaa King Parts Ways With Garry Mapanzure And Retires From Artist Management As A Whole

Longtime talent manager, artist and music producer Silvaa King, recently took to social media to announce that he had decided to step down as Garry Mapanzure's manager and retire from artist management as a whole. In his statement Silvaa stated he had discussed the decision with Garry and it was an amicable end to their relationship of artist and manager.

Silvaa King

Hi all, It's official I have decided to step down as Garry Mapanzure's manager, my last day being 16th November 2022. ME & Garry Mapanzure spoke and agreed on this and he respected my decision which I appreciate. This was a personal decision after many years of working and supporting artists its high time I retire from being an Artist Manager. I will not be taking on any more artists and I'm glad I've learnt so much through that side of the music business. In the meantime we will be updating Garrys pages with new contact details. However i will continue with Team1love taking DJ bookings and organising events. Thank you all who have supported me, given advice and offered some great deals during the time. Lets continue supporting the music. - Silvaa King

Garry Mapanzure replied to the post expressing gratitude for the time they worked together and credited Silvaa as a huge part of his success. 

Well served my bro, Thank you for the time we been together, love for life, team 1 love for life. You deffo a huge part of the success, congratulations on your retirement. Chidya pension. - Garry Mapanzure 

We managed to catch up with the music mogul and ask him a few questions about his decision to retire and his journey through music so far:

Who exactly is Silvaa King and which artistes has he worked with particularly in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in general?

Silvaa King is a music mogul who started as an artist, now a DJ, Radio Host, MC, Record Label Owner, Events Organiser & Management, Artist Management but retiring from that. Pretty much anything to do with music my face is there.

You took to social media to announce your “retirement” from artist management. What are the push factors leading to that decision?

I felt it was high time for me to give that up. I have been managing artists now for over 10 years. Managing an artist takes a lot of time & effort. I don’t think artist managers get enough credit for the work they do in general.

What are your highlights from the years that you have been an artist manager? 

The advantage I've always had with my artists is I understand what its like being an artist, also a promoter, what a DJ would consider a banger, and how to market the music. In my spare time ill be learning a lot how the industry works because 85% of this game is business. 15% is basically the actual music. So I think just learning and seeing growth and seeing it all work and come together for the artists has always been the highlight for me.

What are the lessons that you can impart to fellow artist managers out there? 

Do it because you love music. Never stop learning about the music business. Also make sure you keep up with surroundings. Now that you have left an important aspect of entertainment. What can we expect from Silvaa King in the near future? I'm very unpredectible. I can wake up one day with a crazy idea like im gona put together a show or a tour. However at the moment I'm just DJing in different places. I have a radio show on Deeplomatikk Radio which is launching this week. Every Thursday at 8 pm so look out for that. We have the Team1love Clothing coming back. We just going to focus on building the Silvaa King/Team1love Entertainment brand.

How is the African entertainment industry doing from a talent management perspective? 

I think depends were you at. Some countries are doing really well and some I guess we can say we just lying to ourselves. But that depends on the artist what they wish to achieve from the music. But one thing I would say to all the artists our there is. 1 - Find a good manager, 2 - Don’t rely sorely on music expand your brand, 3 - Don’t limit yourself, 4 - Never let your ego become bigger than your brand.

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