'Nharo' and 'Forever' lay foundation for Hillzy’s new EP 'In The Building'

It has barely been debatable that Hillzy is a national treasure. His run over the past years has solidified the name in the mainstream including beyond Zimbabwean borders. Hillzy is currently enjoying an impressive return to the charts with Nharo and Forever which have dropped in succession just recently. These singles are a teaser for the upcoming EP In The Building on the 18th of November.

His last project Chisikana EP was released in 2020 and to this day Hillzy has been dishing singles. Versatility best describes his rise to fame. His is somewhat an extraordinary skillset that allows him to make the beats for himself as Mr. Masinh and either rap or stain them with striking melodies. He has recently revealed on Twitter that his creative process separates the sound of his vocals from the beat and what we then get is a combination of the two. 

The track Nharo as the name already implies is a statement of order. Hillzy is distancing himself from the disease of comparing artists by stating that he belongs to a league of his own. This is something that he goes on to prove with witty but aggressive lyricism that unmasks the monster canvassed by the innocent look on his face. He achieves this through subliminal shots at whoever is found guilty of weak bars in their pen – short to say a majority of mainstream hip-hop acts. It is definitely that time for the genre in the country. Hillzy reminds music fans that rap is his roots and that adds to our anticipation that the EP will serve more. 

His fans feel much safer investing their hopes in the artist. His success is a by-product of intact professionalism and work ethic. It needed as long as a week for the multi-award winning artist to beef up his charge by dropping another song and video ‘Forever’. Hillzy re-connects with his top-selling love afro-jams/R’n’B to square it out for his fans with the song and video ‘Forever’. The visuals remain consistent and apt when it comes to communicating the subject matter. 

Social media reactions have so far given all a thumbs up. The EP in waiting has the following details below.   

Hillzy In the building EP
Hillzy In the building EP Artwork

Hillzy In the Building EP Tracklist and features

  1. Nharo
  2. Long Street
  3. Ita Mushe
  4. Ndinganyepe
  5. Forever (Featuring H3nry)
  6. Bling
  7. Chargie
  8. Better for Myself
  9. Only You
  10. Signs
  11. SYM

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