A conversation with Zash Chinhara: A decade of taking photos in Zimbabwe

Ngonidzashe “Zash” Chinhara is a name that pops up when you think of photographers who’ve had a big impact on Zimbabwean culture over the last ten years. He co-founded & provides creative direction at Crafted Media Guys - which provides creative methods to visually communicate their client’s needs through photography, videography, graphic design & various other new media strategies.

A conversation with Zash Chinhara

Zash recently sat with Story Untold ZW for an hour long conversation which explores his decade of working as a photographer in Zimbabwe. In that conversation they talked about:

  • how he started out as a photographer 
  • the evolution of Zim photography over the last decade;
  • figuring out the business of photography;
  • joys and frustrations working in Zim and more…

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