Listen to KaLife by 13-year-old Zimbabwean rapper Hoodkid: A beautifully staged fairytale that we all may have dreamt.

Age is not just a number. Neither is it an ideology. When it comes to natural gifts as human beings, the common reality is we possess unique abilities. For others, it might be realized early of the talents that eventually define the course of our lives and on the other hand the majority might not immediately learn of what they can do until a certain education/social conditioning happens.

The above consolation attempts to rationalize how Hoodkid is one of a few who are talented seemingly beyond measure. The 13-year-old is a wonder on the Zimbabwean rap scene and potentially an emblem for the future of our music industry. He is not the first of his breed and certainly not the last. The last decade has been blessed with the likes of Ras Pompy in ZimDancehall. Despite the latter shying away from mainstream, he enjoyed massive scale hype when compared with Hoodkid.

Hoodkid caught us by storm in his debut music video KaLife. In this song, his flow testifies to the awe-striking ability to deliver both rap skills and the much-needed hip hop attitude. Hoodkid might just be a product of the many rappers who have been painting the whole game with an ambition to hustle. Whoever is helping the kid with writing these lyrics has found a mouthpiece to unleash their ego. The song is a beautifully staged fairytale that we all may have dreamt. 

Narga 5star has also released a new track featuring Hoodkid. The development sets an exciting tone to the beat that is likely to be enjoyed for a longtime provided good guidance is offered the young boy. 

Check out the music video for KaLife below and share with us your thoughts. 

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