Busiso Dube under the radar for Zimbabwe Hip-Hop artists to watch in 2023

Busiso is a multilingual rapper whose music is steadily connecting with the trends. The track Gau which features SaintFloew led us to this discovery. The song title Gau cuts from Gauro, street lingo for money. It mainly projects Busiso’s desire for commercial success. The energy is matched by other collaborations which dropped earlier featuring the likes of award-winning rapper R Peels.

Busiso Saintfloew Gau mp3 download

Apart from his own strengths, we can safely bet that Busiso understands the value of collaborating with other artists. For a majority of budding artists in any sector of the creative industry marketing can be done effectively when the product carries the propensity of tapping into a new audience.

Busiso has done brilliantly with the videos showing on his platforms. The track Bottega exhibits versatility and makes a whole package contemporary musician. Several reactions to his music point out the ability to rap in 3 major languages (Shona, Ndebele, and English) locally. Given the consistency in this game plan, we feel he is one to watch.

Check out Busiso’s music on the link below and share with us your feedback!

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