Oscar Pambuka speaks on drug abuse, elections and ZimDancehall: "I’ve lost hope"

Veteran news anchor and popular journalist Oscar Pambuka opened a can of worms in his recent interview with Ghetto Crown King. The journey for Oscar Pambuka is a testimony of high caliber professionals who have seemingly been reduced by systematic downturns of our state affairs. He remains a relevant voice in contemporary Zimbabwe.

Oscar Pambuka

Oscar left the news deck following controversial debacle that caught him in corruption scandals. His life would then roll from being a prophet of the word to making waves as a dancehall chanter and promoter. In celebrating his own personal liberties of expression as an artist, the fate would label him a suspect of drug use. The predicament of stereotypes was the final nail to his revered exemplary personality in the society. An adamant Oscar was not deterred from his revolutionary pursuit of uplifting the ghetto youths who he now appears to be spending much of his time with. In the interview Oscar lampoons the arrest of drug users whilst arguing that why should the security forces arrest customers? The logic is spot on. Victims of drug problematic use are health patients. The war on drugs is a disingenuous endeavor which destroys the already broken lives of mostly the poor community. 

The interview proceeds with his opinion on the political state saying that he has lost hope in the elections. To people like Oscar Pambuka faith in God is the only left hope for a better Zimbabwe. He further sidelines himself from participating in favor of the regime propaganda machinations. In the brief engagement Pambuka shares his few cents on the current condition of ZimDancehall. The blame is apportioned to industry players responsible for airing music to the masses. In summary, corruption is the highlight of Oscar’s perspective on the prevailing existential crisis in Zimbabwe.

Watch Oscar’s interview below.

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