25 Standout Tracks From The Year 2022

The 25 Standout Tracks listing is a list composed on factors that go beyond commercial success and popularity. It's a list that seeks to introduce you to new music that was great in its quality and it also shines a light on those songs that performed greatly in 2022. If you have a song you feel deserved to be here then feel free to share, it could help someone discover new music. Here is our list:

25 - Chipo x ScripMula ft Gregg

24 - Kutenda x Synik ft Vivalda Ndula

23 - Ndakareva Wani x Feli Nandi

22 - Unaware x MadeHerBelieve

21 - Ndipe x Vimbai Zimuto ft Baba Harare

20 - Cora de Hielo x Tina Masawi

19 - Changes x Frya

18 - Ndichadzima x Tanto Wavie

17 - Shamwari Yangu x Voltz JT

16 - Kulula x Msiz'kay ft Bhekiwe

15 - Vakomana Vedrip x Freeman

14 - Kamunamato Kekubhawa x Quonfuzed & Bazooka

13 - MOONLIGHT x Suhn

12 - Mali x Busiso ft AB3L X

11 - Goosebumps x Takura

10 - Haubvire x Baba Harare ft Jah Prayzah

9 - Ikoko x Nyasha David ft Takura

8 - Nharo x Hillzy

7 - Ungowami x Sha Sha

6 - Gehena x Kae Chaps

5 - Ahoyi x Enzo Ishall

4 - Lola x Ishan ft Annatoria

3 - Fire Emoji x Leo Magozz ft Bling4, Brian Jeck

2 - Silas Mavende x Saintfloew

1 - Ndeyekwavo x MuGaratia

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