Singer Helen bares It all with new song titled Wounded Soldier

The music industry's terrain propels male patronage. This is so because of gender stereotypes that associate women’s involvement with loose morality. The option there is for female counterparts is to deliberately filter their music to be socially acceptable whereas the male comrades remain unbounded. This predicament is still firm in developing countries like Zimbabwe where women have only thrived successfully in the gospel genres. 

Helen Nyati is an example of a contemporary singer who is on course to defy the aforementioned status quo. She is a budding talent that has, in the meantime, discovered her vocal prowess in RnB. This genre falls into the same category where women’s representation is dwindled by male patronage. The sad reality of sexual exploitation is a plight that has been discussed on various platforms but such social ills have not been entirely demolished. Coupled with harsh economic conditions, the moral bankruptcy in urban entertainment spaces exposes upcoming female artists to manipulation. An aggressive confrontation to these issues is owed if we are really true to our word.

Singer Helen bares It all with new song titled Wounded Soldier

In this song, Helen is however addressing a host of misfortunes that have left her bleeding. Her ability to write deeply is complimented by a melody that communicates the need to urgently nurse the wounds. Helen is a singer that can send a listener into daydreaming. The song Wounded Soldier equips her ambition with hope based on the knowledge that the world is cold. Like many of her female soldiers, she vows that 2023 is bright for her prospects in the music industry.

The song was mixed and mastered by Dr. Breezy on a beat by Mutual Beatz in Bulawayo where she hails. The single also tops the 10 most promising songs featured in The Chronicle in pole position. It is definitely a talent watch. 

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