A Peace of Ebony premieres the music video for "H-Town" with B-Kay & Kazz

The hip hop pioneering group, A Peace of Ebony, is on a run to relive their legacy. They return to the scene without their famed pillar in the legendary voice of Chiwoniso Maraire. It makes delightful consolation to the game having Tony Chihota and Metaphysics nourishing the memory of hip hop that this generation yearns. 
A Peace of Ebony is one of the first hip hop establishments that did not only import the hip hop culture but localized the sonic aspect of it through merging with traditional sounds. Their dominance in hip hop dates back to the 90s before they inevitably scattered owing to varying life dynamics. Tony Chihota has recently launched a book on his wanderings thereafter – he talks about life in crime and drugs, effectively asserting his determination towards redemption. 

Their top performing single Temptation featuring Sulumani Chimbetu was another exciting experiment that announced their rejuvenated comeback. In focus at the moment is the video for H-Town which dropped early this year and we are left with no option than to amplify the beautiful rendition to life in the city of bright lights. The group is obviously negotiating with age but given the deserved limelight, the hip hop new school might learn one or two things from the experienced rappers.

H-Town visuals steered this brief catch up with A Peace of Ebony and using the link below, watch and share your views with us.

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