Design Futures Lab 2023 Calls for Zimbabwean & South African Applicants

Design Futures Lab has issued an application call for its second edition, Design Futures Lab 2023. 

The lab allows for the worlds of fashion and immersive technology to merge in a radical exploration of storytelling, world-building, and reimagining futures by combining the skillsets of fashion practitioners and digital technologists.

The Design Futures Lab 2023 is a space for new narratives at the intersection of immersive technology and sustainable fashion and design by combining the worlds of fashion and new media.

This creative economy project, supported by the British Council #SouthernAfricaArts, is now in its second year and in 2023 offers 12 South African and Zimbabwean content creators an opportunity to develop experiential, provocative and immersive digital narratives about sustainable fashion and design. 


British Council, Electric South, Twyg, Korokoza and Crossover Labs are excited to invite dynamic digital and fashion, (including accessories and footwear) designers to apply for the Design Futures Lab 2023.

The 2nd edition of the Design Futures Lab will take place in Cape Town from 21 – 24 April 2023. Organisers are looking for six teams (12 artists in total working in creative pairs) – three teams from South Africa and three from Zimbabwe – to create immersive media prototypes of sustainable fashion practices.

Immersive media refers to forms of media such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) that provides a sense of presence and immersion by allowing a user to enter and interact with a simulated or augmented environment in a seemingly real way.

Each team will be awarded a grant of R60,000.00 ($3,300.00) to develop their digital prototype/proof of concept.

The programme will include both a sustainable fashion workshop and a digital lab that will challenge successful applicants to explore and expand their digital production skills in XR (extended reality) including VR and AR.

To be eligible applicants have to be 18 years or older, be citizens or permanent residents of Zimbabwe/South Africa, reside in Zimbabwe/South Africa or be able to travel when required, submission should be in pairs  with one concept: one team member should have some experience in any creative technology field, one team member should have experience in fashion and/or design. 

You can send in your application or find out more information here.

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