The Holy Ten & Samanyanga Sounds Collaboration "Ndoda Power"

Amid the controversy and trending interviews with seeming animosity between him and Winky D, Holy Ten continues making music. His latest single is a collaboration with artists under his stable, Samanyanga Sounds. 

Ndoda Power features Michael Magz, Mr Candy and Xiba. All three are signees under Samanyanga Sounds and they also featured on Holy Ten's recently released 4th Studio album, The Book of Malachi. Ndoda Power closely mimics, the song Pressure from the album. In not only the artists featured on it but how the music strikes the ear. 

Although Holy Ten is credited as the lead artist on both, the music learns a lot more towards Afropop than HipHop. Holy offers up only a brief cameo on both songs but his cadence and delivery are just the right contrast to the vocals. The music is brilliant and even if you have mixed feelings about his conduct with regards to Winky D, all that is forgotten for a moment.

From the single before Holy Ten's album, to the album itself and the music now. There's more than enough evidence, that Holy Ten has an amazing ear for talent. Xiba, Mr Candy and Michael Magz might strike different notes in how they sing but each artist is as brilliant as the next. 

Samanyanga Sounds has potential household names on their hands. Although Holy Ten's strategy of using his name as the lead to uplift artists under his stable seems questionable, there's no denying it's effectiveness. The same strategy allowed Saintfloew to rise to prominence, and he's flourishing after having parted ways with the label.

Ndoda Power is a brilliant combination of the gifts of all 4 artists. It has a well sung hook, that's simple and catchy. The song is definitely one of the releases to note so far in 2023.

Ndimuka mangwanani, wandinotanga ndiMwari
Ndichirudunura ndichifukûura zvakadûgwa naSatani
Father ndoda power, shower yemablessings enyu
Dakuisa mota mugarage, yuwi aiwa Jesu iwe

The instrumental is produced by King Chief, with jTzim on the mixing and mastering. The song was released with visuals shot by Kudzai YB and it's such a good video for the song.

Checkout the video for "Ndoda Power" below:

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