Why Tryna by A Peace of Ebony featuring Chengeto is the perfect Valentine’s gift song

For this writer, Friday the 10th of February 2023 has earned a page in the book of so many beautiful nights and musical bliss. The arts have always been a therapeutic resort. At this point appearing at musical events confirms the inability to resist even the rapid monotone of these escape nights. Ela The Garden hosted the stalwart resurgence of A Peace of Ebony in the tranquil suburb of Newlands. The addition of Chengeto Brown in the upcoming single impelled an emotional strong will to experience the soul of immortality – her mother and our queen gwenyambirakadzi Chiwoniso Maraire.

A Piece Of Ebony - Tryna featuring Chengeto mp3 download

The listening party attracted a handful of passionate creative comrades starving for a taste of yesteryear glory and the recovery of a narrative responsible for the current tide of native contemporary urban culture. The famed buoyance of A Peace of Ebony is to a conscious pursuant of Zimbabwean hip hop history; a treasure. Among us, writers (excused as media), hip hop artists, poets, videographers was award winning and prominent filmmaker Brickhill who simultaneously captured shots for the new song’s video. 

Typically, it would be a few hours late to kick start the party as the organizers waited patiently for the anticipating crowd to fully absorb the atmosphere and interact with the performers. The hospitality surely deserves a thumps up! Early birds could afford watching Tony Chihota and their DJ rehearsals. The banner painted the room red with the song’s cover art portraying the trio on Tryna.

Hip hop artist High Priest opened the night with a set he dedicated to the late queen gwenyambirakadzi Chiwoniso Maraire. The routine could have never been better than having Chengeto come on stage thereafter. She too is undoubtedly a star that continues to spark a generous interest by how she has maneuvered the barricades bounding an individual exploit or somewhat a mission impossible to wean off the fledging and incorruptible legacies. Chengeto was accompanied by Uche Brown who for the most part backed the set filled with romantic flatteries. Her potential oft been a talking point and yes, this up-close experience affirms the urgency in her overbearing intimacy with music. She left the stage warmed with an exclusive tease of an unreleased jam worth to wait for.

Tony ‘Chief’ Chihota took-over reigns to chauffer the momentum into business of the night. He has been rapping in the early 90s, played a vital role in the journey of A Peace of Ebony and who are we to doubt his ability on the mic? What stands out so far is the deeply conscious lyricism of this long serving cadre. He also shared the lines written during the lockdown period amidst his performance. Chengeto got back on stage to collaborate with Tony for the video which was being shot as they performed. The song did not fail to connect the satiable crowd and thus as far we have to go before it goes live on Valentine’s.

The event was quickly shut down as listeners were accorded time to relate with the track. What happened on this day is one of the most memorable nights where vast history richly converged into becoming one storyline – the old meeting the new. It leaves this writer wondering if this game is short-sighted but satisfied that these words can at least fill the holes created by short-memory. We as well acknowledge the short-comings of marketing strategies in case events like these need a larger audience!

Listen to Tryna by A Peace of Ebony below.

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