10 Zimbabwe Hip Hop Tracks for your Playlist #1

Set to be released at varied intervals, the "10 Zimhiphop Tracks for your Playlist" listing will serve to introduce people to new music in the genre and highlight some trending songs, alongside gems people might have missed. Here are the 10 songs for our debut edition:

Chipo x ScripMula ft Gregg

Chipo is a brilliantly composed song, that combines storytelling and lyricism, with infectious melodies. It's reminiscent of Burna Boy's It's Plenty in its makeup and dare I say it, it might be just as good.

Mfana WepaJecha x Kayflow

The song title Mfana WepaJecha also happens to be Kayflow's moniker and loosely translated from slang it means a youth from the ghetto. The alternative rap song displays Kayflow's amazing talent and versatility as he narrates the daily lives of Zimbabwean youth. 

Thaza x Chikk'oz ft Nasper

Sonically this track has all the ingredients of what we love about Zimhiphop right now. The genre is a bursting cauldron of subgenres, collaboration and experimentation, which all sum up Thaza. It brings Zimbabwean Drill Music front and centre. 

Pressure x Holy Ten ft Michael Magz, Mr. Candy

Pressure is a Samanyanga Sounds collaboration that showcases the very best of the label's first signed artists. Blending the three unique styles of the collaborating artists, it was an instant favourite from Holy Ten's 4th studio album The Book of Malachi.

Magitare x VI The Law ft King Massey

Magitare is a statement. Not in the sense of calling out the competition but in the sense of setting the bar so high everyone's rewriting their verses. It says to measure up if you dare. With punchline-heavy verses delivered with a calm cadence, VI The Law is fully in his element complimented by an exceptional hook from King Massey.

Time Time x Suhn ft Icey Ekxne

On this track done under Off Centre Department, Suhn and Icey Ekxne give us the epitome of the trap. Suhn channels the sounds of Atlanta roots while Icey Ekxne brings the Zimbabwean flair we've added to it and it makes for one hell of a jam.

Ndichadzima x Tanto Wavie

Ndichadzima is dominated by melancholy and there's the sensation of deep sadness. It speaks to everyone going through it and brings out the guitar Tanto Wavie has become famous for. The guitar’s tone blooms and sparkles in perfect melodies, punctuated by Tanto’s vocals.

Neria x ProGIsTheName ft Soko Matemai, Black Fin, BlackSmyth

While Tuku's famous hit was a song encouraging strength in a woman going through hardships, the latest take is a hustler's anthem. If they're 3 things that ProGIsTheName has mastered, they are producing a great HipHop beat, bringing artists together, and getting the best out of those artists. Neria is an indulgent feast for lyrical rap fans.

Taikondoh x Bagga

Heralded by quite a number as the heir to the throne Bagga displays all the talents that have earned him his following on Taikondoh. The song speaks of solitary maneuvers in the increasingly dangerous jungle of contemporary Zimbabwean streets. It is a fairly relatable outrage for the multitude of youths trying to plant their dreams in the grit. 

Mbavha x Saintfloew ft AB3L X, The African Fargo

For the Myookiza-powered single Mbavha, Saintfloew collaborated with two talented up-and-comers in AB3L X and The African Fargo. The song is brilliantly composed in lyricism and sound. It opens up with a choir and this transitions into Saintfloew on the hook. Mbavha has a trap beat that’s filled with kick drums and synth. The perfect platform for all three artists.

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