Crooger & Kikkybadass "The Fourty Gang" give us Muchekadzafa

Known as the Fourty Gang, Crooger and Kikkybadass recently dropped yet another collaboration. A track titled Muchekadzafa might be the duo's best work yet. Previous collaborations like Chiback and Kurunga might argue with that characterization but Muchekadzafa is both more melodious than the former and has more sing-a-long-ability than the latter.

It's now a HipHop of melodies and striking lyrics, and that's exactly what the song delivers. Muchekadzafa is the Shona word for both the act of claiming glory when you didn't do the bulk of the work and the people who do that. The chorus makes clever references to not only revealing that kind of glory-seeking but also exposing the haters, (somewhat) copycats and the truth.

Vanoda muchekadzafa
Nhasi tirikufumura muchekadzafa
Nhasi tirikufukura hapwa
Nhasi tirikubata aba
Varoyi tirikudzikisa mutanda

The track has a layered instrumental that feels laidback but with a bounce to it, and both artists latch onto it with ease. With a ZimHip-Hop Awards nomination already in the bag, it's only a full project still missing for this duo. 

Muchekadzafa was released accompanied by crisp visuals which were directed by Mitch Uta.

Checkout the video for "Muchekadzafa" below:

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