Bagga knocks out competition with new music video for Taikondoh

I vividly remember a night Bagga left a scintillating performance for his top singles Kunta Kinte, Jeso Kristu and 2 Pac Shakur featuring Mycole Biller. As we walked down the stairs of 7 Arts Theatre chattering our impromptu reviews of the event, an evidently intoxicated voice exploded ‘mpfana anonzi Bagga uya uya ndiye chibaba chenyu’ and even though his body struggled to balance, his treasured discovery remained eloquently clear. May the Christian faith allow us to relate this act with biblical allusions to mad men administering the escape from oncoming danger?

It is absolutely true that Bagga is one of the favourite hip-hop names in the circles. His success has revolved from a transitioning of his brand from Volt Bahgamasy to simply Bagga following a shot dance with Samanyanga Sounds. In the company of Holy Ten and Saintfloew, 3 kings certainly failed to co-exist under one roof. Bagga retreated to a seemingly safer base coordinated by his homeboy and top producer Dj Tamuka. They have since released the much anticipated Munamato Wangu which creatively blends traditional sounds (of mainly mbira) and hip hop. So far, Bagga has proved his genius as a versatile artist who hardly misses weaving catchy hooks.

Bagga has released a new video and song titled Taikondoh published on Letter Z Factory. Of interest are the tattoo on his face and the messaging in his lyrical content. All have been consistent in hinting that the script is defiantly gangsta euphemized as ‘gevha’ in the trending street colloquial. The song Taikondoh speaks to the theme of solitary maneuvers in the increasingly dangerous jungle of contemporary Zimbabwean streets – tiri magweja anopusisa maguy. It is a fairly relatable outrage for the multitude of youths trying to plant their dreams in the grit. 

So, it is now a couple of months since that guy declared Bagga’s claim to the crown. If we ever meet again, let me into that cup of wise waters and be fishers of men!

Watch the video for Taikondoh via the link below and likewise, share thoughts in the dialogue box below! 

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