Dough Major and Vannel give us the playful "KaSong Kari Silly"

KaSong Kari Silly is the latest song to drop from Dough Major and the track features Vannel. As the song title says it's a silly song, but there's the genius behind the madness. The track is playful, with a vibrance to it and humorous but striking lyrics. It opens up with the hook, that's handled masterfully by Vannel with ad-libs from Dough Major that fit in perfectly with the playfulness of the song.

Dough Major and Vannel KaSong Kari Silly mp3 download

Ndatadza kumira (kasong kari silly)
Kuenda out ndasiya (rega ndikadire chilly)
Handichamwa mabeer (kasong kari silly)
ZvanaKeisha ndasiya (rega ndikadire chilly)

The track has an easy tempo, and both artists mold their delivery too on both the hook and verses. KaSong Kari Silly talks about a love interest. How they look, how they are, and how the relationship is but in a fun way.

Dough Major delivers lines that'll constantly have you cracking a smile. From "Iwewe urinyama saka ndosevesa nesadza" to "Munhu wangu isimbi kunge Tony Stark" to "Paunotsamwa ndinokubriber nemaribs nekuti urimbabvu yangu".

The production on the track has to be applauded, along with the visuals that are a mirror image of how the song feels.

Checkout the video for KaSong Kari Silly below:

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