Holy Ten Drops the Melancholic "Put It Down"

No matter what's thrown his way, Holy Ten has forever been Mr Consistent. No matter what storm might be brewing in the news or on social media we know Holy Ten is going to channel his energy into some music. Sometimes it seems he ignites the discourse intentionally to ensure there's a spotlight on him when he releases but nevertheless that doesn't take away anything from the music.

Holy Ten
Image: Instagram/holytenmusic

Put It Down presents a highly introspective Holy Ten and it's rather melancholic. Add the gentle strum of piano keys to the mix and you have a Holy Ten Song! 

It's the sound we've come to expect from the artist and every time it hits the right spot. Put It Down is a track fueled by a slight vulnerability and impeccable storytelling. It skips on the punchlines but still strikes home in flow and relatability. 

There seems to be a bipolar nature to Holy Ten's music. The leader of the youth often puts out releases that are in conflict with each other. On one end of the spectrum he sounds extremely in touch with the everyday reality of Zimbabweans and on the other he sounds purely driven by ego. Put It Down sounds markedly different from most of the music that made up his last album The Book of Malachi. 

Holy Ten reflects on his time in university, how success has affected his relationships, his emotions and mental state, and principally you get the feeling that he's just trying to figure things out. At it's core Put It Down is a song about finding balance, this is echoed in repeated lines at the end "Ndikagaragara ndirikushaya peace..."

Put It Down doesn't quite stand out in Holy Ten's catalogue but it's still a good song. The track was produced by NAG and it was with visuals shot by Escobar, Shawn and YB.

Checkout the video for "Put It Down" below:

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