SaintFloew shows Zero Fear in latest song featuring Slyme Foxx

Saintfloew’s indebtedness to socially-based critical consciousness is increasingly accessible in his latest releases. The musical allusions in his discography have been consistent with the aura of urban culture specifically the ‘ghetto’. He is the nearby resident known for his indestructible passion to validate clich├ęd prejudices associated with waywardness when one decides to explore often-considered unconventional alternatives, let’s say actively participating in the war against the onslaught of dreams. For many like him rising from the hot scotched peripheries of the economy, having a desire for the arts is tantamount to open rebellion of the society’s moral fabric which we may like to describe as ‘disingenuous’. 

SaintFloew shows Zero Fear in latest song featuring Slyme Foxx
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The album Hip Hop Broke My Heart 1 and 2 together with EPs Juta Pipo and Sauna Season covertly indicate the threshold of substance and art. These few projects have amplified Saintfloew’s passion for making his talent a beacon of hope and preaching the ghetto gospel. He has done so using literature that is a bit complex for everyday conversation such as ‘kumatcher, gunda, sinte’. This level of lyrical content has made Saintfloew a favourite in the ZimDancehall fraternity as well, following in the footsteps of Ti Gonzi. 

Hip Hop’s rivalry with dancehall in Zimbabwe has been a one-sided encounter but with the coming of artists who can creatively bridge the gap, it can be safely forecasted that these genres will be the epitome of urban culture. What we adore about Saintfloew’s music, unceasingly, is the will to remain active in the revolutionary pursuit to validate voices of the youth in expressing their damned fate – be it drugs, poverty, unemployment and all sorts of violence snatching every morsel of sanity. He is increasingly passionate about the pain of maneuvering the checkered streets with barely anything more than a dream and perhaps, talent.

Saintfloew’s latest release Zero Fear featuring Slyme Foxx is easily the calibre of his other tracks like Trap Addicts, Chiedza, Under Pressure, If We Don’t Make It and Kante. From these songs, Saint directly stimulates an uncompromising stance that despite the forces straining our ambitions the worst thing that can happen is forfeiting the game. He is leaving us with no option but to believe he has what it takes to inspire contemporary urban culture at large - courage. In Zero Fear, Saint assures his fans that he now has the keys and we have always had the freedom to occupy spaces. 

In this song, he maintains the desire to play the marksman role as number 9 which in football is a position played by clinical strikers to convert possible chances at goal. Saintfloew celebrates his success by being unapologetic to those who have once doubted his potential – told you I’m the chosen rapper a couple of times said I lied. The same closing line that caps off this verse simplifies the opening where he raps – vakadhibha kudzima sinte vakuda churu start insinuating that those who came in earlier forgot to share the flame and now they are crying for the light. Slyme Foxx is a rising act that OCD Center, a creative hub, has been working with and with such collaborations, there is great potential in the investment.

You can watch the video for Zero Fear via the link below and tell us what you think!

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