ProGIsTheName Recruits Soko Matemai, Black Fin & BlvckSmyth for NERIA

Neria brings together Soko Matemai, Black Fin and BlvckSmyth, as the voices of producer ProGIsTheName's latest masterpiece. The track makes reference to the late music legend Oliver Mtukudzi's famous hit by the same name. While Tuku's famous hit was a song encouraging strength in a woman going through hardships, the latest take is a hustler's anthem.

ProGIsTheName - NERIA Featuring Soko Matemai, Black Fin & BlvckSmyth

If they're 3 things that ProGIsTheName has mastered, they are producing a great HipHop beat, bringing artists together, and getting the best out of those artists. Neria is an indulgent feast for lyrical rap fans. Soko Matemai, Black Fin and BlvckSmyth each take turns taking us into the lifestyle of a different hustler. Neria in this instance is the woman waiting at home, for the guy on the hustle to come home.

Two steps tirikuenda mberi kani
Tirikuenda mberi kani
Shure kweguva ndokusina periyan
Dom Periyan
Hanzi nebhebhi when you coming home my love
Yeah, ndichiri bhizi nemazheti kani
Call you kana ndamuarea
Usawore moyo kani iwe Neria
Usawore moyo
Usawore moyo kani iwe Neria
Usawore moyo
Usawore moyo kani iwe Neria

From the production to every single verse, everyone was carrying their weight. Soko Matemai might've just edged it but even that is debatable. As the bar "Tiri venyasha, tiri vehustle, tiri vegrind, kana mangoma edu akurira chipatapata kutsvaga rewind" says, the song will have you coming back and back again to discover gems in the lyricism.

Neria has a laid-back nature to it and it doesn't have the infectious energy characterized by a lot of the trap/drill music coming out of Zimhiphop right now, but it more than makes for what it lacks with just the purity of the art.

Checkout ProGIsTheName's "Neria" below:

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