Tanaka Chidora's Forthcoming Novel Longlisted for the Island Prize

Tanaka Chidora's forthcoming novel "How to Carry a Country on your Forehead" has been long-listed for the Island Prize. The Germany-based author announced the news via social media. 

Tanaka Chidora's Forthcoming Novel Longlisted for the Island Prize

The Island Prize is a literary prize that has been curated with the primary aim of helping African writers break into the UK publishing scene. It was founded by Booker-longlisted author Karen Jennings. The prize is open to unpublished debut novelists from all African countries, or the diaspora. All short-listed writers will be read by publishers and agents both in the UK, the US, and South Africa.

This year's long list features 9 novels:

Bobo Hamham by Aganaba Jesudubami Jemima

The Becoming-Nothing of Bodies by Olubunmi Familoni

A Mouth Full of Salt by Reem Gaafar 

No Poison, No Paradise by Nzeru Aquila

Braids and Migraines by Andile MaShundu Cele

Choosing an Outfit for the End of the World by Robyn Perros

Carrying a Country on Your Forehead by Tanaka Chidora

Night's Last Secret by Felix Otis

Captured by Immaculate Halla

Tanaka Chidora is a poet, literary critic and academic who is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Goethe University. He taught Creative Writing and Theories of Literature in the Department of English at the University of Zimbabwe. Some of his works appear in Zimbolicious (Volume 4), The Standard's Gourd of Consciousness poetry corner (Zimbabwe), and Brave Voices Poetry Journal. 

In addition to Carrying a Country on Your Forehead, Tanaka Chidora also has a poetry collection in the works.

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