Bling4 Makes his Mark with "Ndozviripo"

Although having burst onto the scene as part of the 2022 song of the year "Fire Emoji", Bling4 is certainly making a name for himself in his own right. Armed with lyrics rooted in realism and storytelling that displays deep introspection, Bling4 is cementing his place in Zimhiphop with his latest single Ndozviripo. A song that has a very different tempo to his usual Drill beats but it's still very much the same Bling4.

Bling4 Makes his Mark with "Ndozviripo"
Image: Instagram/bling4_x_official

Produced by Nag Beatz, Ndozviripo has a multilayered instrumental that's smooth and calm in sound. Bling4 has a delivery that matches it step for step and a beautiful female voice in the background adds a soulful feeling to the song as a whole. The song can almost be described as being sad or poignant to be exact.

Ndozviripo talks about accepting your lot in life and avoiding the pressure to be anything except your authentic self. It's cleverly worded and an easy listen, which gives it lots of replay value. It's motivational at its core and consistently says "don't get lost in the world".

Totenda Mwari vatipa mweya watiri kufema
Hatina mari but toziva kwatiri kuenda
Ndazora vaseline ndosaka ndiri kupenya
Because ndozviripo, ndozvatinazvo
And you can't afford to fuck up
So we try by all means kuita no mistake 
No mistake, hatipretende
Kunge tine mari tisina, kana tisina hatina

The song was mixed and mastered by Jamal No Limits, who did great work and it was released accompanied by a video directed by Leoy V.

You can check out "Ndozviripo" below:


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