Sue Nyathi Wins Best Fiction Novel at the 2023 HSS Awards

Sue Nyathi walked away as the Best Fiction Novel winner at the 2023 Humanities and Social Sciences Awards. The author earned the honour for her latest novel An Angel's Demise, the 4th book to come from the author.

Sue Nyathi Wins Best Fiction Novel at the 2023 HSS Awards
Some of the HSS Awards winners
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Nyathi described winning her first literary award as a fantastic feeling. 

It feels fantastic. I have made long lists and shortlists [before] so now it’s great, to finally win a prize!

The novelist first published The Polygamist in 2012, which was followed by The Gold Diggers (2018), A Family Affair (2020), and then An Angel's Demise (2022). 

Responding to whether the award makes An Angel's Demise more special than her other novels, Nyathi said " makes it award winning but not more special. All my novels are special and precious to me."

She credits her passion for writing as being her driving force over her decade plus long cardecade-plus-long

My passion, that is what fuels me. This is why I describe myself as a writer by passion and an analyst by profession. I love writing, if I didn’t I would never have got entangottend in this craft. 

Asked for a word of advice for aspiring authors, she preaches the 3Ps. Passion, perseverance and persistence.

My message is consistent for aspiring writers. The 3Ps are crucial, passion, perseverance and persistence. That is what will carry you through!

Earlier this year Nyathi had her sophomore novel The Gold Diggers translated into Arabic by playwright Tarek N, and the book was also on display at Cairo's book fair. The author is set to take a year lyear-long before beginning work on another book. 

The HSS Awards are hosted by the National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences and this year's ceremony was their 8th edition.

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