Denimwoods & Obi Davids Collaborate for the Domane Creative Masterpiece "Feela"

It has to be said that for a while, it seemed like Denimwoods was fading to the back pages of Zimhiphop but his latest single alongside Obi Davids is a reminder of the rapper's amazing talent. Feela not only paints Denimwoods and Obi Davids in high regard but showcases the great things Domane is cooking up as a creative hub.

Denimwoods & Obi Davids - Feela mp3 download

From the epic visuals to the trap masterpiece that is the instrumental, everything was done in-house. Suhn is in the production and Rowan directs the video with an assist from Director Dave on the camera work.

In a country where we mosh pit to Amapiano, Feela has enough energy to make us riot. The hook features clever wordplay, delivered with a cadence that perfectly mirrors the instrumental.

Munhu ane bhora ndiye 
anomwakwa but inini ndoripinza 
Bhebhi rako rikunditsoma
But inini hangu ndinenge ndaka izza 
Time time ndakato dhibba
Time time ndikuto pisa 
Time time vachandi feela

Denimwoods excels on the hook and switches up cadence between that and his verse with ease. The track is heavy on energy and vibe but still delivers bars that hit you. You have to double back because lines like "Always get the box, even though it ain’t Christmas" and "Yeah live by the code & I feel like da Vinci", almost get lost in the elevated tempo.

Obi Davids has an immaculate flow and it's an almost edge-of-your-seat thrill to hear him go that fast and not miss a beat. 

The standout piece of the puzzle for me is the video. Rowan and Director Dave capture the feeling of Feela in all its elements. It's so good you'd think it's a Quentin Tarantino movie. 

Checkout the video for "Feela" below:

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