Michael Magz Talks Relationship with Holy Ten on latest single "Pane Mwenje"

Michael Magz has a few things to get off his chest on his latest single "Pane Mwenje". The Samanyanga Sounds artist, dropped the track with Letter Z Music Factory and as always it had visuals directed by Director Leoy V. The song puts on display a different side to the artist, who's skyrocketed in popularity on the back of signing to Holy Ten's label and a run of impressive features.

Michael Magz - Pane Mwenje
Michael Magz

We've come to know the Michael Magz of melodies and vocals but Pane Mwenje, puts the artist's rap side centre stage. Part of the melodious nature of his verses that we've become used to over the past few months is sacrificed in favour of lyricism. Pane Mwenje is heartfelt although there's some grit to it. The song has intricate bars in vernacular and the flow is uninterrupted as Magz skips on making a chorus.

Pane Mwenje reflects on his life journey and friendships among other things. He touches on online commentary involving and affirms the strength of his relationship with Samanyanga Sounds and Holy Ten.

I swear to God Zimba rinoda controversy wangu

Hanzi tiza stable wangu, uite zvako wega Michael

Ah unotoshaya chii chaita kuti vadaiso

Varikuziva kuti paita unity paita power

No one is perfect, munhu wese maari mune chicoward 

Inini naTen we don't call each other friends 

We call each other family because tiri tese every hour

The instrumental is calm and easy, a blend of synth, piano keys, drums and soft vocals in a slow tempo. It gives an almost acoustic effect that lets Michael Magz' cadence dominate the song. As his first stand-alone single under Samanyanga Sounds, Pane Mwenje is a standout. 

Just a sprinkle more of melody with a hook could've doubled the track's replay value but even that's a small takeaway from it. We're very much in the era of melodious rap music but we have to still celebrate lyrical when done well.

Checkout the track "Pane Mwenje" below:

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