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Zimbabwean contemporary musician Mukudzeyi Mukombe popularly known as Jah Prayzah recently collaborated with Morgan Heritage - a Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae band on a track titled Maria, track 15 off the album titled The Homeland released on 21 April 2023. Morgan Heritage was formed in 1994 by five children of reggae artist Denroy Morgan.

Maria is a remix of the lead single of Jah Prayzah's first commercially successful album "Ngwarira Kuparara" released in 2011. The remix features Jah Prayzah's signature Afro-pop sound fused with Morgan Heritage's reggae and Dancehall sound.

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Lyrically, "Maria" is a love song that tells the story of a man who is deeply in love with a woman named Maria who visits her Homestead to ask her Father for his blessing. Throughout the song, Jah Prayzah sings about how much he loves Maria and how he cannot live without her. The song is filled with romantic and poetic lyrics that express the intensity of his love. For example, in the chorus, Jah Prayzah sings:

"Ndonotsvaga Maria, nhai Baba vaMaria"

The chorus is accompanied by a catchy and repetitive melody that is easy to sing along to. The verses are more poetic and express Jah Prayzah and Morgan Heritage's feelings for Maria in a more detailed and emotional way. The original version of "Maria" is sung entirely in Shona, while the remix version features some English lyrics in addition to the Shona lyrics. Adding English lyrics helps make the song more accessible to international audiences who may not understand Shona.

Jah Prayzah who began his musical career in 2005, released his first album Rudo neRunyararo in 2007, followed by Sungano Yerudo in 2010 and Ngwarira Kuparara whose success lead to the artist landing a contract for the Wednesday slots at now-defunct local Harare pub called Jazz 105.

Jah Prayzah has collaborated with several Jamaican artists throughout his career, including Luciano and Jah Cure. These collaborations have been significant in exposing Jah Prayzah's music to new audiences and helping him to gain international recognition.

In 2015, Jah Prayzah collaborated with Luciano, a legendary reggae artist, on a song titled "Roots." The song is a fusion of Jah Prayzah's Zimbabwean sound with Luciano's reggae sound. The collaboration was significant as it helped to introduce Jah Prayzah's music to reggae fans and audiences beyond Zimbabwe. The song received critical acclaim and was featured on several international music charts.

In 2018, Jah Prayzah collaborated with Jah Cure, another prominent Jamaican reggae artist, on a song titled "Angel Lo." The song is a blend of Jah Prayzah's Afro-pop sound with Jah Cure's reggae sound. The collaboration was significant as it helped to solidify Jah Prayzah's reputation as a versatile artist who can collaborate with artists from different genres and cultures. The song was well-received by fans and helped to further elevate Jah Prayzah's profile in the international music scene.

Both collaborations showcase Jah Prayzah's willingness to experiment with different sounds and his ability to fuse his Zimbabwean sound with other genres. The collaborations have helped to expose Jah Prayzah's music to new audiences and have opened up new markets for him outside of Zimbabwe. 

The collaborations have also helped to establish Jah Prayzah as a respected artist in Africa and also gave him credibility within the international music scene. Morgan Heritage's latest album, The Homeland Album, features 21 tracks with a wide range of guest artists from different parts of the world. 

The multi-award-winning Zimbabwe musician Jah Prayzah who has been in the music industry for almost 2 decades will release his latest 13th album, Chiremerera on the 12th of May 2023 in Harare at the Old Hararian Sports Club followed by another launch event in Bulawayo on the 13th of May 2023 at the Queens Sports Club for the 14th Album, Maita Basa

This feature with Morgan Heritage on Maria will definitely broaden his international reach whilst simultaneously generating the much-needed momentum for this forthcoming album.

Here's the Tracklist and overview of The Homeland album by Morgan Heritage and its prominent guest artists:

  1. Bambulele ft. Brothers & Sisters Art Organization - This track features the Brothers & Sisters Art Organization, a South African musical group known for its fusion of traditional and contemporary African music.
  2. Can U Feel It ft. Gentleman & Rophnan - Gentleman is a German reggae artist, while Rophnan is an Ethiopian DJ and producer. This track blends reggae and Afrobeat influences.
  3. I'll Be There ft. Busy Signal & Mádé Kuti - Busy Signal is a Jamaican dancehall artist, and Mádé Kuti is the son of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. This track is a fusion of dancehall and Afrobeat sounds.
  4. U Got To (See The World) ft. Eddy Kenzo & S’Villa - Edy Kenzo is a Ugandan artist known for his mix of African and electronic dance music, while S’Villa is a South African singer. This track features a blend of Afrobeats and dancehall sounds.
  5. Diamond Love ft. Popcaan - Popcaan is a Jamaican dancehall artist known for his melodic sound. This track is a slow, romantic reggae ballad.
  6. The Homeland ft. Youssou N’Dour - Youssou N’Dour is a Senegalese singer known for mixing traditional African music and modern pop sounds. This track features his signature blend of Wolof and Western musical styles.
  7. Positive ft. Shaggy & Beenie Man - Shaggy and Beenie Man are both Jamaican dancehall legends. This track features a high-energy blend of dancehall and reggae sounds.
  8. Direct Connect ft Floda Graé - Floda Graé is a South African singer known for her soulful voice. This track is a mid-tempo reggae song.
  9. Just A Number - This track features Morgan Heritage's signature reggae sound and positive lyrics about love and unity.
  10. Ready ft. Shatta Wale, Jose Chameleone & RJ the DJ - Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian dancehall artist, Jose Chameleone is a Ugandan Afrobeat artist, and RJ the DJ is a Tanzanian producer. This track features a mix of Afrobeat and dancehall sounds.
  11. Heaven ft Krissy Yamagucci & Fayross - Krissy Yamagucci (real name: Christie Boothe) is an American battle rapper from New York. Fayross is an emerging singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Nigeria. This track features a blend of reggae, Afrobeats, and hip-hop sounds.
  12. Who Deh Like U ft. Bounty Killer, Cham, & Stonebwoy - Bounty Killer, and Cham are all Jamaican dancehall artists. Stonebwoy is a Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae musician. This track features a high-energy blend of dancehall and reggae sounds.
  13. Headline Fi Front Page ft. Jahshii, Rytikal, & I-Octane - Jahshii, Rytikal, and I-Octane are all Jamaican dancehall artists. This track features a mix of dancehall and reggae sounds.
  14. Wacha Nikupende ft. Otile Brown - Otile Brown is a Kenyan singer known for his smooth R&B vocals. This track features a mix of reggae and R&B sounds.
  15. "Maria" ft. Jah Prayzah: "Maria" is a remix of Jah Prayzah's lead single from the album Ngwarira Kuparara, released in 2011. The song features Jah Prayzah's signature vocals blended with Morgan Heritage's reggae sound, creating a unique blend of Afro-reggae music.
  16. "Levels" ft. Macky 2 & Ice Queen Cleo: "Levels" is a collaboration between Morgan Heritage and Zambian artists Macky 2 and Ice Queen Cleo. The song features an upbeat, afro-dancehall sound and lyrics that speak about rising to the next level in life.
  17. "They Gonna Be Alright": "They Gonna Be Alright" is an uplifting track that encourages listeners to remain hopeful in the face of challenges. The song features a catchy chorus and a positive message that resonates with fans of Morgan Heritage's music.
  18. "Remember" ft. Alpha Blondy & Capleton: "Remember" is a powerful track that combines three of reggae's most influential artists. The song speaks about the struggles of African people and encourages listeners to remember their roots.
  19. "Afreeca The Future" ft. Rocky Dawuni & Lord Alajiman: "Afreeca The Future" is a collaboration between Morgan Heritage and Ghanaian artist Rocky Dawuni and Senegalese hip hop artist and entrepreneur Lord Alajiman. The song features an afrobeat sound and a message of unity and hope for the future.
  20. "I Will Never Forget" ft. PRIEL, Raiah, Esh Morgan & Jemere Morgan: "I Will Never Forget" is a tribute to the late patriarch of the Morgan Heritage family, Denroy Morgan. The song features the vocals of Denroy's sons, Esh Morgan and Jemere Morgan, as well as PRIEL and Raiah, and speaks about the impact of Denroy's legacy on his family and the music industry.
  21. "Long To Be Home" ft. Eddy Kenzo: "Long To Be Home" is a collaboration between Morgan Heritage and Ugandan artist Eddy Kenzo. The song features a blend of reggae and Afrobeat sounds, with lyrics that speak about the longing to return to one's homeland.
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