Chipo Chung guest stars in Apple TV+’s New Sci-Fi Series ‘Silo’

Apple TV+ has released a new science fiction series called "Silo" based on Hugh Howey's best-selling novels "Wool," "Shift," and "Dust." The series is set in a dystopian future where the only hope for humankind lies in an underground habitat. 

The show revolves around the discovery of shocking secrets by an engineer named Juliette, who investigates the mysterious deaths of residents that occurred after the sheriff violated a crucial rule.

Chipo Chung guest stars in Apple TV+’s New Sci-Fi Series ‘Silo’
Chipo Chung at the Silo premiere
Photo Credit: Chipo Chung / Facebook

One of the guest stars of the show is Chipo Chung, an actress and director from Zimbabwe. She portrays the character of Sandy, as the story unfolds, and the dark secrets of the silo are exposed. Chung is well-known for her work on audiobooks, including NoViolet Bulawayo's "Glory," a finalist for the Booker Prize in 2022, and several books by Petina Gappah and Tsitsi Dangarembgwa.

The main cast of "Silo" includes Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette, Rashida Jones as Allison, David Oyelowo as Holston, Common as Sims, Tim Robbins as Bernard, and Harriet Walter as Martha Walker. The series was created and written by Graham Yost, the screenwriter of "Speed," and is based on Hugh Howey's books. 

The first two episodes of the show are available on Apple TV+, with the following log-lines: 

Episode 1: Freedom Day – Sheriff Becker's plans for the future are disrupted when his wife meets a hacker who possesses critical information about the silo.

Episode 2: Holston's Pick – Juliette, an engineer, investigates the death of a colleague, piecing together clues that reveal the secrets of the silo.

Chipo Chung trained in directing at Yale University and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, graduating in 2003. She is the daughter of Zimbabwean politicians Rugare Gumbo and Fay Chung.

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