EXQ, Takura collaborate One More Time

ExQ and Takura Collaborate on "One More Time": A Powerful Love Song with a Unique Zimbabwean Flavor

When it comes to the music industry, collaborations are a norm that helps artists to expand their horizons and showcase their versatility. One such collaboration that has caught the attention of Zimbabwean music fans is the latest release by Takura and EXQ titled "One More Time" - a perfect blend of their unique styles and sounds.

EXQ Takura One More Time mp3 download

ExQ, born Enock Munhenga, is a Zimbabwean musician who has been in the music industry for over twenty years. He has won numerous awards and has collaborated with other musicians across Africa. Takura, on the other hand, is a Zimbabwean rapper and singer known for his unique style and powerful vocals.

Released on 1 May 2023, "One More Time" is also a producer collaboration between Rodney Beats and Dj Tamuka and a testament to the team's creativity and versatility, showcasing their ability to blend different genres and styles to create a unique sound.

"One More Time" lyrics are in English, mixed with some Shona, giving the song a unique Zimbabwean flavour as Takura and EXQ deliver powerful and heartfelt verses that capture the essence of the song's love theme. The song is about love, vulnerability, and accountability as the artists assert their confidence and refusal to give up on love. Some of the standout lines include:

"Takasangana nerudo, Kusvitswa pano nerudo"

"Are you really into me, like I'm into you"

"If I don't have you then that's your loss"

Takura and ExQ each bring their unique style and personality to the song, and they complement each other well. Takura's smooth and melodic voice is a perfect fit for the chorus, while ExQ's rap verse adds a dynamic and playful touch. Both artists have great chemistry that makes the song feel cohesive and fun.

Enjoy the track below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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