Here is how to undo more than once in Notepad Windows 10

Failing to retrieve your Notepad data? Here is the trick and workaround.

Have you ever written stuff in Notepad and then used "Cut" but for some reason, you take a detour on your way to pasting, "copying" some useless text there as well and then lose the original text? 

Here is how to undo more than once in Notepad Windows 10

This happened to me recently and since Google Search didn't help me with practical answers, I decided to add to the literature using this simple tutorial.

Can you undo more than once in Notepad?
The answer is yes you can multiple undo Notepad data in Windows 10.

  • To undo the most recent in Notepad, press CTRL+Z.
  • To undo Notepad more than once, press the Windows logo key + V to open your clipboard history.
  • You can click on any item in the Clipboard history list to paste it into an open application.
You are welcome!

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