Julian King - One By One Ft Saintfloew takes Zimbabwe by storm

Julian King - One By One Featuring Saintfloew, Review

Upcoming Zimbabwean musician, Julian King, born as Julian Lennon Kanombirira, has skyrocketed into the spotlight with his latest song and music video titled 'One By One,' featuring the renowned Zimbabwe Hip-Hop artist, Saintfloew. The song is currently ranked number 5  and is rising on Apple Music and YouTube's Top 100 Zimbabwe songs.

Sainfloew Julian King - One By One mp3 download

This incredible collaboration, produced by Haniel, has captivated the attention of Zimbabwe and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression at weddings and dance floors throughout the country. Julian King's catchy chorus, "Kwenyu hakuna Rwizi muchikomo, Iwe unogeza nemoto hakuna anopisirana newe. Ukandida handiku poster ndokuchengeta memory, hatipe Gidi kuvaroyi, coz what they don't know they just cannot destroy," will have everyone singing along.

Saintfloew, the popular Hip-hop artist and collaborator, ignites "One by One" with his infectious lines and remarkable wordplay, effortlessly riding the beat with his captivating voice. "One by One" reminds this writer of the enchanting sounds and storytelling found in Mebo by Obert Chari & The ZCC Hakireni Stars. The chemistry and style presented in Kure by Ishan and Ti Gonzi also come to mind. This song is a delectable mix of Jazz, Dancehall, Afrobeats, World Beat, RnB, and Hip Hop elements seamlessly blended together.

When it comes to the lyrics of "One By One," Julian King and Saintfloew deliver impeccable rhymes throughout the track, ensuring a smooth flow that keeps listeners hooked.

Kubva nhasi handichakusiye, tinenge Gaffa na Banda
Anonzi Samantha, Anogeza Fanta
Akanzi na 5 Star, naChris Martin "My Coco Butter"
Ngati tambe pada, Ndapinda chi ko ko ko
Ndikupe zvawada

Just in case you're wondering, "5 Star" refers to Freeman HKD, and here, Julian makes a reference to the song "Zimbabwean Queen" featuring Chris Martin.

Julian King is not only a musician but also a skilled acoustic guitar player. He worked his way up the ranks by serving as a backing vocalist for various local and international artists. In Zimbabwe, he lent his vocal talents to the acclaimed musician Minister Michael Mahendere before relocating to Dallas, Texas, where he is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Business.

Julian King made his debut in 2018 with his album 'Desperate.' Since then, he has been consistently releasing music aimed at captivating international audiences. Finally, with the release of 'One By One,' Julian King has achieved a significant breakthrough, as the song has been warmly embraced by his Zimbabwean fanbase.

Check out King Julian - One By One featuring Saintfloew below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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