Blessing Musariri Novels acquired by London based Book Publisher Zephyr

Zephyr, the children's imprint of Head of Zeus, has acquired the rights to two impressive young adult fiction books from Zimbabwean author, Blessing Musariri. The two novels, "All That It Ever Meant" and "When It’s Your Turn For Midnight," promise to captivate readers with their unique storytelling and exploration of family, love, and life lived between different cultures.

"All That It Ever Meant" is an outstanding young adult novel that delves into themes of family love, loss, and the challenges of living between two cultures. The story follows Mati and her siblings as they embark on a journey from London to Zimbabwe with their father. This journey forces them to confront the complex family dynamics that arose from the loss of their mother. Accompanying them on the trip is Meticais, a fabulously attired gender-neutral spirit—or is it a ghost or an imaginary friend? Only Mati can see and communicate with this enigmatic entity.

Guided by Meticais's wisdom and advice, Mati must navigate her grief and the difficulties of straddling two different cultures. Meanwhile, her family learns to forge their path in a world without their monumental mother. The novel promises to be a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of identity, love, and resilience.

The second book acquired by Zephyr, "When It’s Your Turn For Midnight," promises to be a thrilling young adult read filled with mystery and adventure. While the details about the plot are yet to be revealed, Blessing Musariri's reputation as an award-winning author of short stories, children’s stories, radio and screenplays, and contemporary adult fiction ensures that readers are in for a treat.

Zephyr, launched in 2017 by Head of Zeus, has quickly become a home for good stories. As an award-winning independent publisher, Head of Zeus has made its mark in genre fiction, narrative nonfiction, and children's books. Zephyr, as its children's imprint, continues this tradition of delivering captivating and enriching stories for young readers.

Blessing Musariri: A Writer of Immense Power

Blessing Musariri 
Image credit: Lincoln Mandengu, Inspired Faces of Africa

Blessing Musariri has established herself as a unique talent with immense storytelling power. Her writing boasts an assured and distinctive voice that captivates readers from the very first word. The characters she creates come to life on the pages, leaving a lasting impression on readers' hearts and minds. They challenge, provoke, and evoke emotions that make the reading experience unforgettable.

For Blessing Musariri, stories of home and family hold a special place in her creative focus. These themes are universal and deeply resonate with readers, as they explore the fundamental aspects of human existence. The infinite capacity to create and recreate versions of oneself is a powerful concept that she deftly weaves into her narratives. With Zephyr, she has found the perfect home for her creative self, where her heartfelt stories can touch the hearts of readers worldwide.

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