Gunguo Art Gallery Showcasing Zimbabwean Gemstone Sculptures Opens in Canada

Gunguo Art Gallery recently opened its doors in Kingston, a picturesque Canadian city on Lake Ontario's shores. Situated within the premises of Gunguo Art & History Farm, this captivating gallery aims to promote and showcase the exquisite artworks created by Simukai Sculptures—an innovative art incubator based in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe that was established in 2017 and supported by the founders and art curators of Gunguo Art & History Farm, Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk and William Suk.

Gunguo Art Gallery Showcasing Zimbabwean Gemstone Sculptures Opens in Canada
The first piece on the Gunguo Art & History Farm sculpture trail called "Ode to Frederick Douglass."

Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk and William Suk, the passionate curators, share a remarkable story of their journey together. Having first met as high school exchange students in the 1990s, their connection blossomed, leading to their marriage during graduate school. Gillian pursued her academic journey in biochemistry, later venturing into the field of medicine, while William delved into anthropology and embraced his fascination with experimental art, historical preservation, and regenerative agriculture.

At Gunguo Art Gallery, it's not just the curators who bring life to the space—it's a family affair. Gillian and William's two children actively participate in the operations of the farm and the gallery, often accompanied by their friends and cousins, all while being in the company of their beloved dogs. This warm and inclusive environment adds a personal touch to the gallery, making it a welcoming place for visitors of all ages.

Gunguo Art Gallery Showcasing Zimbabwean Gemstone Sculptures Opens in Canada
Gillian and William and their two Children

Simukai, an innovative art incubator, is at the forefront of research on sculpting with semiprecious stones and gemstones. These unique materials require modern tools as they are challenging to shape with traditional hand tools and chisels. Recognizing this opportunity, Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk and William Suk embarked on a mission to nurture artistic experimentation and innovation within Zimbabwe and beyond.

The founders identified a growing interest among sculptors to experiment with quartz-based gemstones like jasper and agate. However, the limited availability of power tools and the decline in the country's tourist industry presented obstacles to their artistic exploration. This led to the inception of Simukai, a platform that gathered sculptors from all corners of Zimbabwe to collaborate and experiment with the latest tools, materials, and techniques, specifically focusing on semi-precious gemstones.

The Simukai Fellowship, active for over two years, provided a fertile ground for artistic expression and exploration. During this period, 11 talented artists from across Zimbabwe created an impressive collection of 62 breathtaking gemstone sculptures. Each piece reflects the artists' ingenuity, skill, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of stone sculpture.

Regrettably, the project faced a setback in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to bring together artists from different households for the duration of the residency. However, this challenge only strengthened the resolve of Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk and William Suk to establish Gunguo Art & History Farm, providing a platform to market the exceptional Simukai sculptures and revitalize the artistic endeavour.

Welcoming the Inaugural Artist in Residence: Stanley Mutanga

Gunguo Art Gallery Showcasing Zimbabwean Gemstone Sculptures Opens in Canada
Stanley Mutanga

Zimbabwean sculptor Stanley "weMbizi" Mutanga, one of the two co-founding artists of the Simukai Fellowship, has been selected as the first artist in residence at the Gunguo Art & History Farm. Embarking on his first international venture, Stanley's artistic journey began on July 1st. With his unique artistic vision, Stanley draws inspiration from daily life and the rich Shona tradition, infusing his sculptures with captivating narratives.

Born in 1977 at Nyadire Mission in Murehwa, Stanley embarked on his carving journey after completing secondary school, guided by the renowned artist Sam Mabeu. Under Mabeu's mentorship, Stanley honed his skills and developed his distinctive style and artistic voice. He later collaborated with Charles Nembaware at Svikiro Sculpture Park, further expanding his artistic repertoire.

Stanley's artistic odyssey encountered its first milestone in 2019 when he was honoured with the National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) in 3D Art—an esteemed recognition of his talent and contribution to the sculpting realm in Zimbabwe. This accolade holds immense significance, particularly considering that Zimbabwe boasts one of the world's largest stone carving industries in terms of the percentage of stone sculptors within the population.

The award-winning piece by Stanley paid tribute to a significant female ancestor within his lineage—the mother of his grandfather. With profound depth, weMbizi continues to explore the pivotal role of women in seemingly patrilineal systems, offering thought-provoking insights through his ongoing creations.

As Gunguo Art Gallery emerges as a haven for artistic brilliance and cultural exchange, it invites art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and admirers from all corners of the world to witness the captivating allure of Zimbabwean gemstone sculptures. Through this unique artistic journey, Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk, William Suk, and the Simukai Fellowship artists aspire to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression and forge meaningful connections across continents.

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