Kyla Blac releases a performance video for "Problem"

RnB artist Kyla Blac recently put out a performance video for her 2023 single "Problem". A mid-tempo love song that has a certain classical feel to it in parts. Produced by Murphy Cubic, the track is all about "the struggles we face in relationships and the obstacles we must overcome to find true love". The song has a particularly poignant intensity and it displays Kyla Blac's rich vocal gift.

Kyla Blac releases a performance video for "Problem"

According to the artist, Problem was initially set to be just a short freestyle but when Alex Idoko posted a time-lapse of his artwork with a snippet of the song, the widespread reaction to it convinced Kyla to finish the song. 

Although not yet having achieved mainstream success, Kyla Blac is certainly not lacking in talent. The songstress released her debut EP "Only A Minute" in 2020 and she has been progressively making inroads into the music industry since then. While her releases are still a trickle, she's been gracing the stage with her performances at some of the most popular local festivals in Unplugged and Girl Fest.

Check out the performance video from "Problem" below:

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