Thembi Mawema Interviews Usher Discusses Life, Career, and the Celebrated "Confessions" Album

In a recent interview on The Shade Room, hosted by Zimbabwe-born Thembi Mawema, Usher opened up about various aspects of his life and career. The R&B sensation delved into his acclaimed album, "Confessions," and even surprised a devoted fan during the special edition of Stepping Into The Shade Room. Let's delve into the highlights of the interview.

Thembi Mawema
Usher and Thembi Mawema
Image Credit: Instagram/Thembi Mawema

As the interview kicked off, Usher couldn't help but compliment Thembi on her beautiful name, to which she revealed its Zimbabwean origin. The conversation flowed effortlessly as Thembi shared her memories of watching Usher's electrifying dance moves while growing up in Zimbabwe.

One burning question asked by Thembi was about the possibility of a "Confessions" sequel, a topic that excited many R&B enthusiasts. However, Usher's response might disappoint some eager fans, as he labelled it a mere rumour at this point. Nevertheless, he remained open to the idea, stating that time and opportunity could lead to new creative endeavours. Usher praised the original album for its brilliance and commemorated its 20-year legacy, acknowledging the dedication of the producers, writers, and creatives involved. He expressed profound gratitude to his fans for their unwavering love and support throughout the years.

During the interview, Usher showcased his generous and thoughtful side by giving one lucky fan a surprise of a lifetime. He made a special appearance at one of his February shows to present her with flowers, recognizing her exceptional efforts to attend the event. Witnessing the fan, Shey's reaction to this unexpected gesture was undoubtedly heartwarming and filled with joy.

Thembi Mawema, an editor who joined The Shade Room in 2016, has come a long way. Her journey began after meeting Nigerian-American screenplay writer and founder of The Shade Room, Angelica “Angie” Nwandu, at an event hosted by Issa Rae. Since then, she has flourished in her role, hosting engaging interviews like the one with Usher.

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