Rising Zimbabwean musician Downtown Kayoto making waves on Spotify UK's RADAR with Learning In Public EP

22-year-old Zimbabwean musician Downtown Kayoto, whose real name is Chiko Chinyadza is making a significant impact on the music scene with his latest EP, "Learning In Public." In a remarkable achievement, Downtown Kayoto, now based in the UK city of Hull has been selected as this week's Spotify UK and Ireland RADAR: First Listen artist, a prestigious honour within Spotify's global artist development program. His track Poison, off Learning In Public EP is featured on the Spotify  "An Alternative Future" and RADAR UK and Ireland playlists.

Downtown Kayoto's latest EP, Learning In Public, showcases his growth as both an individual and a musician. The EP comprises six tracks, each serving as a testament to the lessons he learned during a pivotal time in his life. Stepping away from university to pursue music, Downtown Kayoto faced skepticism from his family. However, this decision allowed him to gain invaluable life experiences, which he poured into the creation of Learning In Public.

In his own words, Downtown Kayoto explains, "I made Learning In Public in a time I was learning a lot of lessons through my life. I took a gap year from Uni to pursue music and everyone in my family was a bit iffy on it. I learnt a lot of lessons and I thought to myself what's a better way to materialize these lessons and put them in a six-track EP that's where the EP came from." The result is a collection of songs that resonates with listeners on a profound level, with each track offering a glimpse into Downtown Kayoto's personal growth and reflections.

Downtown Kiyoto - Learning In Public EP
Learning In Public EP Cover

Here is the tracklist for Downtown Kayoto - Learning In Public EP
  1. Lite
  2. Poison
  3. Changed it
  4. Run From you
  5. In2you
  6. Only a crush

Downtown Kayoto's journey from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to the city of Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2022, his song "Karma Called" gained significant attention after being featured in a promotional video titled "A Proper Match Day" by the local Hull City Association Football Club. This exposure further solidified Downtown Kayoto's presence in the UK music scene, capturing the hearts of local listeners and beyond.

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