Album in Focus: Galatian EP By MuGaratia

MuGaratia is a name not yet known by many but certainly should be, for his undeniable talent. He broke onto the scene last year with his hit song "Ndeyekwavo". A Tanto Wavie produced a track that combined his TrapSu sound with elements of Amapiano. Complimented by MuGaratia's effortless flow and intricate wordplay, it was instantly a fan favourite. The song earned him a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Star FM Listeners Choice Awards.

Galatian EP By MuGaratia

Galatian EP comes as the "debut" project from the rising Alternative rapper MuGaratia. He regards it as the biggest music project he's ever made in his life. The album title which feels a little extraterrestrial in nature, comes from one of MuGaratia's monikers, "Galatian Boy". A name that feels representative of his experimental and often futuristic sound. The artist also often refers to his fanbase as "Galatians".

The 5 track Extended Play is extremely experimental in sound. It has a strong trap and electronic feel to it, along with a heavy bass line that gives it a certain grit. Through the five songs, MuGaratia gives us a window into himself. He allows us to see a certain vulnerability and although the music has moments that are not so easy on the ear, it is easily relatable.

The Galatian EP opens with Guratete, a song tied around emotional turmoil and escapism. It is melodious and somewhat sad, even though the instrumental gives vibrant energy. MuGaratia sings about a struggle with depression and suicide while emphasizing his need for alcohol to escape this. The importance of his reflections and storytelling cannot be stated enough. Guratete stands out in how his personal reflections are a mirror to issues men struggle with the world over.

Lately I've been drowning in my feelings 
Tengai Super ndirikuda kumwa
Overthinking handidi, haaa ndirikutya kufa
Pfungwa dziri kundimanikidza kubata gidi
Tryna pull a trigger ndiuraye nigga
Apa nigga wacho ndini, huyai muone

Musova Webhinya comes up next and it is a song about self-belief. It is just a touch braggadocious but MuGaratia's emphasis is on overcoming obstacles and always betting on himself. The track makes an analogy of how MuGaratia is guaranteed to succeed because he beats out his competition similar to how a plunderer eats.

Slowmo is the third track on this album and it's a love song. The track is slower in tempo and MuGaratia expresses how spending time with the one who has his heart makes time feel like it's been slowed down. MuGaratia drops a clever bar that makes reference to the famous Franco Slowmo who was part of Aleck Macheso's Orchestra Mberikwazvo: "Baba vako Franco wekwaMacheso, nekuti kamuitiro kaunoita slow-mo".

Galatian EP comes across as a genre-bending project, with MuGaratia not sticking to a particular style of delivery but simply expressing himself as best as he can. The production feels a little loud, and I would say it wasn't quite Tanto Wavie's best work. 

Tsikirira is derived from "madzikirira", which is sleep paralysis and it's a song about those wishing for your downfall. MuGaratia sings about how those who don't wish him well are always waiting to take advantage of him in his moments of weakness. Thirsty ft Gamue closes the project and it's another love song. Thirsty is a track about boundaries and insecurities. Gamue sings with a certain tenderness that perfectly offsets MuGaratia's vocals.

Although faulty in some parts of its execution, Galatian EP is a project of great potential. Some tracks like Guratete instantly resonated with me, while others didn't quite hit home but overall it's a good listen. Maybe falling in love with what he did on Ndeyekwavo skewered my expectations but there's something that just felt missing here.

Greedysouth rating: 6.8/10

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