A Story of Collaboration: Zazise releases debut album "Storytellers of the Culture"

Zazise is here with its debut Hip Hop album, "Storytellers of the Culture". A product of a collaboration that brings together rappers and those that dissect their craft. The 15-track album features Malcom Mufunde, Joey ZW, Kayflow, Tidech, Sensei Jay, Skii, Kent, The Last Letter, Beamboy, Ray Kaz, King Kandoro, Dough Major, Dingo Duke, Omell, Ashe, Tulkmunny, Outspoken, Soko Matemai, Luminous, Hybrid, Faith Faye, Lord Piper and Mvpani.

Zazise releases debut album "Storytellers of the Culture"

Founded in 2020 by Mukudzei Mlambo, Zazise has been a platform for the celebration and chronicling of Zim Hip Hop. They've been awarded Best Online Media at the Zim Hip Hop Awards twice and the album title aptly describes them as a platform because they are true storytellers of the Zimbabwean Hip Hop culture.

Curated by Mukudzei Mlambo, the album has him again as co-executive producer alongside ProGIsTheName. We could two ask them how it was bringing this project to life.

What inspired this album?

Mukudzei Mlambo: Collaborations or lack thereof in Zim hip hop inspired this project. I felt as ZAZISE we had done our part in covering artists and bringing new ears but some of our dream collaborations weren't happening. So we decided to use some of the little clout we had haha to bring artists together. Egos aside.

How was it working on the project?

Mukudzei Mlambo: I'll be honest. It was stressful for the most part. 7 months in the making. Chasing vocals, and making payments, I discovered a whole new side of artists I didn't know and I'm grateful. When it all started coming together the joy was addictive, I wanna make 5 more (laughs)

ProGIsTheName: I think for me working on the album was really great and interesting, because Zim Hip Hop is something that I personally love and want to see grow. Also, it was interesting because we were bringing together a nice mix of upcoming artists, artists that are hot right now and established veterans. The type of project I would love to work on.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster in getting the project down but it's always worth it seeing it come together, sounding cohesive and coherent. I think It was really a privilege being part of this because I think it's music that'll live on and that'll inspire a lot of people.

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