R Peels drops Public Enemy: His seventh album in seven years

Despite briefly considering a postponement due to the national elections, last week we saw the most consistent rapper in Zim Hip-hop, Tanaka Mungoyo professionally known as R Peels drop a 14-track album which is his 7th studio album with his Twitter-imposed title "Public Enemy" as the album title. The album features Trevor Dongo, Kay Flow, Lloyd Soul, Asaph, Seven Cadre and Tuccy Da MC.

R Peels Public Enemy Album

Almost every album before has been made with a certain concept in line but Public Enemy stands out the most as the rapper brushed the clearest of his concepts since.

Over time R Peels' ear has proven sharp on beat selection. The rapper for years has maintained a circle of producers mainly Jax da Beat Bully and Boy Tricky, Last year we saw the introduction of Nag Beatz into the kitchen and this year for the first time the rapper worked with John The Producer. The four producers sum up the Producers Catalogue with Boy Tricky as the executive producer.

The track listing is unique with songs that seem to match the same angle listed together. The first 4 tracks are on that "Public Enemy" tip with the first two coming as an acknowledgement that he is not perfect, has been bitter and has made a correction to that. The latter of the first four, R Peels addresses issues within the whole industry that are inclined to his career making it seem like he's still bitter but on a closer look seems as if despite overcoming the bitterness the rapper will still address what needs addressing. The rapper takes shots and Kae Chaps, Noble Stylez, and Zim Celebs and in a very witty style addresses Maskiri and The Zim Hip-hop awards mogul, Beefy. The rapper addresses how unheard-of it is that he was nominated 7 times and got nothing.

Post the first four tracks to track twelve various elements are mentioned by the rapper but the stand out seems to be how he is putting his attention not on haters but development of his business especially. Love-themed songs like "True Love" with Trevor Dongo are also in there which would make sense how one aspiring to be a business tycoon would need the right woman beside.

In the last two tracks, R Peels wraps up the project owning that he is a public enemy and has embraced that, the rapper will not back down or worship no one or no mass ideology but his vision only.

The Tracklist

Here is a glimpse of R Peels - Public Enemy album tracklist, highlighting the songs and their respective producers:

Track # Song Title Producer
1 Correction Ft Lloyd Soul Nag Beatz
2 Women Lover John The Producer
3 Not Impressed 2 Boy Tricky
4 F*** The Industry Jax The Beat Bully
5 Gold Ft Seven Cadre & Kayflow Boy Tricky
6 Rep Your City Jax The Beat Bully
7 Raw John The Producer
8 Tongues Ft Tuccy Da MC Nag Beatz
9 Sugar Nag Beatz
10 True Love Ft Trevor Dongo Nag Beatz & Boy Tricky
11 Perfect For You Uncredited
12 Zana Jax The Beat Bully
13 Public Enemy Nag Beatz
14 Worship Nag Beatz

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