British TV host Lorraine Kelly shares her awe-inspiring Zimbabwean Expedition: "It's the most beautiful country, I'm going back next year!"

In a recent broadcast that captured the hearts of viewers across the UK, Scottish television presenter Lorraine Kelly shared her awe-inspiring adventure in Mana Pools - Zimbabwe's pristine wilderness. Lorraine, renowned for her British breakfast television program titled "Lorraine" on ITV, recounted her extraordinary journey during her first day back on the air, which left many Zimbabweans beaming with pride at their nation's natural beauty.

British TV host Lorraine Kelly shares her awe-inspiring Zimbabwean Expedition
Lorraine Kelly

As Lorraine spoke animatedly about her Zimbabwean escapade, she painted a vivid picture of the country's splendour. "It's the most beautiful country, Zimbabwe," she enthused. "We hired a Jeep from Mana Pools, who I know are all watching this morning in Zim."

Lorraine's encounter with Zimbabwe's wildlife left a lasting impression. "We got really up close with the animals," she shared, her excitement palpable. "There are the elephants at Mana Pools—they're really friendly. It was just incredible, beautiful."

One highlight of her journey was witnessing the abundant wildlife in their natural habitat. "There's nothing like being outside and hearing the sound of hippos," Lorraine mused. "And there was a lioness we got close to as well, a lovely lioness. It was just beautiful."

Lorraine's Zimbabwean adventure was also marked by a heartwarming interaction with the local community. "I need to say hello to everybody and all the people at Mana Pools who were just fantastic—a great team there," she expressed with gratitude. "We stayed with them at the Sunbird guest hotel, and they couldn't have treated us better. It was like being with your family; it really was."

However, she humorously touched upon the unique economic landscape in Zimbabwe, remarking on the country's inflation, "The only thing is, you know how we talk about inflation in this country? Well, inflation over there is nuts. We went for a meal that was a quarter of a million dollars, which was quite expensive, I thought. But when you put it into American dollars, it was $40. Inflation is just crazy, but you sort it out. It's fine."

Lorraine's account of her adventure resonated deeply with Zimbabweans, who took immense pride in their country's breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality.

Greedysouth congratulates Lorraine Kelly on her unforgettable journey and thanks her for showcasing the beauty of Zimbabwe to a global audience. Her visit serves as a reminder of the unparalleled natural treasures that our nation has to offer.

For readers who missed the broadcast, you can catch the highlights of Lorraine Kelly's Zimbabwean adventure online, where her infectious enthusiasm and admiration for our country continue to inspire.

Zimbabwe stands tall as a land of unspoiled natural wonders and warm-hearted people, and Lorraine Kelly's journey is a testament to that enduring spirit.
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