Zimbabwean Filmmaker Denise Edwards Makes History with Netflix Debut

In a groundbreaking move for African cinema, Zimbabwean filmmaker Denise Edwards has left an indelible mark on the industry with her recent involvement in the production of Zambia's first-ever Netflix film, "Can You See Us." Edwards took on the role of Assistant Director for this cinematic masterpiece, showcasing her remarkable talent.

 Zimbabwean Filmmaker Makes History with Can you see us? Netflix Debut

Denise Edwards, who was not only a behind-the-scenes genius but also played the role of a radio presenter, is not alone in representing Zimbabwean talent in this film. Jodie Tanaka Masimba, another Zimbabwean talent, graces the screen as Nyambe, the School Bully, in this gripping narrative.

"Can You See Us" was shot on location in Zambia in 2021, bringing together a diverse and talented cast and crew from across the African continent. The film made its highly anticipated debut on Netflix on August 27, 2023, under the masterful direction of Kenny Mumba. The screenplay, a collaborative effort by Andrew Thompson and Lawrence Thompson, has captured the hearts of audiences and currently holds the coveted title of the number one-watched film in Nigeria on Netflix.

Denise Edwards, a Zimbabwean Filmmaker
Denise Edwards

Denise Edwards, a multifaceted creative force, is also the Director, Chief Editor, and Co-Founder of Invision Studios. Her creative journey has encompassed writing and directing two feature films and producing several remarkable works, including the critically acclaimed "Humambo" TV series, "Wedding Diaries" TV Show, and the award-nominated feature film, "Far From Yesterday." Her 2017 film titled "Accidental Smallhouse" premiered on Showmax in 2021. 

In 2015, Denise Edwards made her directorial debut on the TV series "Wine & Dine with Tumi Moleko." Edwards harbours a bold vision of African cinema and television series created by Africans achieving global recognition. She firmly believes that this vision can become a reality through strategic collaborations with prominent industry players and empowering the African film industry as a whole.

The film's narrative takes inspiration from the life of John Chiti, a Zambian singer and songwriter who overcame remarkable odds. Born albino in rural Zambia, Chiti's early life was marred by familial discord and superstitions surrounding his condition. However, his journey from adversity to acclaim is nothing short of inspiring.

John Chiti, one of Zambia's most prominent individuals with albinism, utilized the power of music to educate society about this genetic disorder, characterized by a deficiency in melanin production. Forced to flee his hometown due to violence and threats, Chiti's family found solace in Lusaka. Here, John later renamed Joseph in this fictionalized account, discovered his extraordinary musical talent.

Today, John Chiti stands as a global icon with five albums to his name and many more to come. He has become a spokesperson and activist for albino rights in Africa, proving that his past experiences as a victim of bullying and discrimination in school could not deter him from becoming an outstanding advocate for human rights.

John Chiti's story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. His life journey serves as an inspiration for all, a reminder that individuals can rise above discrimination and prejudice to make a lasting impact on the world.

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