Tamy Moyo to perform at Atlanta's 50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration

Zimbabwean singer Tamy Moyo will this weekend perform in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States as part of the city's celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop culture. According to a statement from her manager in The Herald, the showcase will feature renowned poets and dynamic hip-hop artists exploring the intricate dance between spoken verse and lyrical flow.

Tamy Moyo to perform at Atlanta's 50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration
Tamy Moyo
Image: Instagram/tamy_moyo

The show is being hosted by the Mayor of Atlanta's Office of Cultural Affairs, under ELEVATE which is a temporary public art program that seeks to invigorate the Atlanta area through visual art, performances, and cultural events. The focus of ELEVATE is to enhance the city’s cultural offerings by providing free, quality cultural experiences that highlight what makes Atlanta unique and increase Atlanta’s cultural and economic vitality.

Earlier this year Tamy Moyo had the honour of meeting the 61st Mayor of Atlanta Mr Andre Dickens at the Atlanta City Hall as part of a delegation from the Zimbabwean embassy. It was a meeting that saw the two parties converse on the importance of pushing the youth forward through various economic empowerment initiatives and Tamy Moyo got to share her insights on the importance of Arts and Culture for young people and young Zimbabweans.

At the time the artist had travelled to the US for a performance at Euro Atlanta alongside Charlie D.

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