Freeman HKD latest album "Trophy" is a melodic journey through Zimbabwean Sounds celebrating love, resilience and personal growth

Zimbabwe Dancehall musician, Freeman HKD, released his new 2023 album titled 'Trophy,' ahead of the launch party on November 4th, 2023 at Alexander Sports Club, Harare that promises to be a memorable night, featuring an incredible lineup of artists including Jah Prayzah, Killer T, Exq, Shasha, Feli Nandi, Saintfloew, and Delroy Shewe.

Freeman HKD's musical journey has seen his sound evolve over the years, transitioning from Zim dancehall-heavy elements that launched him to stardom courtesy of Producers such as Nhubu Digital and Sunshine to embracing the rich, homegrown sounds of mbira and Chimurenga with J.P Studios affiliated producers such as Spirit Fingerz and Rodney Beatz. With the 'Trophy' album, Freeman brings his musical journey full circle, weaving a tapestry of unique tracks that capture the essence of Zimbabwean music. Notably, the album boasts collaborative efforts with fellow artists, such as Feli Nandi and Jah Prayzah to name a few, adding depth and diversity to the experience.

The album cover of "Trophy" showcases Freeman HKD gazing into a mirror adorned with dominos. In his own words, Freeman explains, "When I look in the mirror, I see a journey with so many highlights... Each Domino reflects the various elements that have made me, my TROPHIES." He invites listeners to add their own "TROPHY" to the blank space, making it a project that truly belongs to the audience.

Here is tracklist for Freeman HKD latest Trophy 2023 album

Track# Title Producer Credits
1. Tsiva Oskid
2. Kumba Ndinodzoka (Featuring Jah Prayzah) Shamex and Rodney Beatz
3. Man to Man (Featuring Nox and Tifah Guni) Spirit Fingerz
4. Babe Iro Rodney Beatz
5. Banan'ana Spirit Fingerz
6. Mazirudo (Featuring Delroy Shewe) Shamex
7. Trophy Shamex
8. Usandisiye Rodney Beatz
9. Nadah (Featuring Saintfloew) Oskid, Dj Gwyte, Shamex
10. iHombe yaMatanga Shamex
11. Mutaka (Featuring Feli Nandi) Rodney Beatz
12. Mhandu Cymplex Music
13. Musaga Rodney Beatz

1. Freeman HKD - Tsviva

The album kicks off with "Tsviva," a Shona word for 'fistfight.' The song tackles the pressing issue of gender-based violence. Freeman's vocals effortlessly intertwine with the beat to deliver a powerful message that's both catchy and poignant. As Freeman sings, "Chandakaramba kurarira tsviva. Siku ne Sikati handina rugare," he highlights the struggle of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship.

2. Freeman HKD - Kumba Ndinodzoka (Featuring Jah Prayzah)

"Kumba Ndinodzoka" continues the homegrown sound theme and features Jah Prayzah. The song's beat, with its Sungura guitar riffs and synthesizer sounds, instantly reminds us of Jah Prayzah's signature style. It's a joyful tune about delaying a return home because of the good times being had.

3. Freeman HKD - Man to Man (Featuring Nox and Tifah Guni)

This track reunites Freeman with Nox and Tifah Guni, known for their 2021 hit, "Unobvuma Here." The song delves into the complexities of love triangles, reminiscent of Rhumba elements in Tongai Moyo's "Muchina muhombe." The artists discuss their experiences "man to man."

4. Freeman HKD - Babe Iro

"Babe Iro" delves into the theme of lust. FreemanHKD, with his signature flow, witty punchlines, and clever rhymes, woos an attractive lady with lavish promises of dinner dates, first-class tickets, and a Dubai vacation. The song's classic verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure keeps it captivating.

5. Freeman HKD - Banan'ana

In "Banan'ana," FreemanHKD showcases a local Gospel-inspired sound, akin to Mathias Mhere. The term "Banan'ana" means thunder in Shona, used to describe a strikingly beautiful girl who's captured Freeman's heart. The lyrics contain humour and charm that will leave you chuckling.

6. Freeman HKD - Mazirudo

Freeman reunites with Delroy Shewe, and the song embraces sweet melodies in a tale of love. Delroy's success with Nash TV is evident in this track's approach, which emphasizes the beauty of love.

7. Freeman HKD - Trophy

The title track, "Trophy," utilizes a football metaphor to inspire listeners to focus on their goals and aspirations. Freeman HKD reminds us that winners focus on winning the trophy, not on the competition.

8. Freeman HKD - Usandisiye

With a reggae vibe, "Usandisiye" emphasizes the importance of cherishing a long-lasting relationship and acknowledging how far you've come together.

9. Freeman HKD -Nadah (Featuring Saintfloew)

Saintfloew joins Freeman for "Nadah," a love song that adds to the album's romantic aura. The Doctor WemaGitare collaboration is sure to pull at the heartstrings.

10. Freeman HKD - iHombe yaMatanga

This track celebrates and promotes love and respect for mothers, sending a clear message against disrespecting them.

11. Freeman HKD - Mutaka (Featuring Feli Nandi)

"Mutaka" features a love duet between Freeman HKD and Feli Nandi, adding a delightful touch to the album's emotional spectrum.

12. Freeman HKD - Mhandu

"Mhandu" delves into the theme of envy and jealousy that often accompanies success. FreemanHKD questions why Zimbabweans tend to harbour negativity toward positive deeds in our society.

13. Freeman HKD - Musaga

In the closing track, "Musaga," Freeman shares a story about the complexities and challenges of dating someone out of your league.

Freeman HKD's "Trophy" album is a musical journey that seamlessly fuses traditional Zimbabwean sounds with contemporary dancehall vibes. It's an album with a purpose, touching on critical societal issues while also celebrating love, resilience, and personal growth. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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