In This Lifetime: A musical tribute by AneUnhu

There's often a feeling of permance when we look at ourselves and we look at existence. Yet once in a while the feeling of loss pierces this veil. It has been said that as a person you die twice. The first time is when they bury you in a grave and the second time is the last time someone mentions your name. If that logic is to be taken as true then Takudzwa Matinenga has surely been immortalised. 

In This Lifetime, which is a song by independent Zimbabwean artist AneUnhu with a helping hand from Nakiso & Bryan K, speaks to the memory of his friend and fellow creative Takudzwa Matinenga.

It is a soulful expression of grief that attempts to capture a lived existence of years in 4 minutes of song. Yet even more that. The song gives us a window into who Takudzwa Matinenga was and in part you could say it shares one last message from Takudzwa Matinenga to the world. The song was written using quotes said by or about Taku.

As much as AneUnhu sings for Taku and those that knew him, he sings for all of us. In This Lifetime pulls from us, memories we had forgotten and makes damp wells of tears we had thought long dry. It beckons reflection and although beautiful, there's a certain sadness that clutches us.

The beauty and the emotive nature of the song, is rightly matched by the visuals. Taku's parents, grace us in fleeting moments that last eons in impression. They eulogise their son by giving us little glimpses into who he was as a person.

The video is directed by Tomas Brickhill (writer, director of NAMA winning film Cook Off) and in portions it features footage and pictures of Takudzwa, shared by those close to him and compiled by AneUnhu & Tomas. 

Takudzwa Matinenga 

Who was Takudzwa Matinenga?

Takudzwa Matinenga was a beacon of light. He shared love everywhere that he went. He was an artist who worked in film and theatre, writing and developing many scripts of his own, during and after his return from studying film in New York, USA. He was an active contributor to the theatre scene in Zimbabwe as well as the film industry, featuring as an actor in Cook Off. 

Takudzwa was also a trained chef and hospitality industry professional where he made meaningful contributions across the different work environments he stepped into. He lived by the motto "love and light" which exuded through his relationships and is felt in the many accounts of him by those he left behind.

You can watch the video for "In This Lifetime" below:

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