Munengwe by Probeatz, Young DLC and Jah Prayzah: Song Of The Year That Never Was

Okay, I had to let this one out. The torment of a beckoning truth lingering at the back of the mind takes a deserved victory over an unjustified reluctance. Yes, at this gesture, I loosen the strings of tension that esteemed readers of my work and accustom them to a sobriety of conscience that acknowledges Jah Prayzah's undeniable musical genius.

The first listen of Munengwe got me conflicted. My immediate skepticism is the initial standpoint of lowering expectations while the threat of Zimbabweans united for a worthy cause could not be underestimated. The impression that Munengwe is a brilliant composition of music and culture must be what everyone thought when the song was released.

Munengwe by Probeatz, Young DLC and Jah Prayzah: Song Of The Year That Never Was

The song shines light on Young DLC's celebrated notoriety in beatmaking. Probeatz becomes the instigator and Jah Prayzah gifts the collaboration a cutting edge. One can attest that the track was initiated in Young DLC's laboratory. Probeatz's fascinating creative abilities would then blend a mixture to a mild hip-hop sonic. But, of excellence is the idea of including the culturally resourceful voice of Jah Prayzah which uplifts national pride in our traditions. The trio leaves the laboratory an unsafe environment with the looming danger of explosion even at the most distant form of ignition.

Thus far naivety took me. That we finally have a song that boldens the glimpses of Zimbabwean creativity on the international market. One thing which has been a national dream. Nonetheless, surprise, surprise, you have an egg on your face! The song is a faint hit thanks to a handful of entertainment-starved junkies in the industry corners.
Not much was there to say at the time of writing. Worthy of the effort was just a purposeful release of thoughts that have pegged a piece of territory in the mind of the writer.

Munengwe is not the song of the year. Perhaps, Probeatz should have known better than to give the song a proper video so they could see what their ears deprived them of.

Here is the link to Munengwe and remember to keep the conversation going in the comment section!

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