Bling4 - Mangwana Kunei: Resonant Ode to Motherhood and Street Resilience in 2024

The year has indeed started on a promising note. This is a result of several releases sprinkling all over the scene. Among is Bling4's Mangwana Kunei which has dropped with visuals.

Bling4 - Mangwana Kunei mp3 download

The song's hook is fairly reflective of Seh Calaz's classic Amai. Bling4 is likewise keeping to a lane where the music is strictly motivational. Mangwana Kunei is an ode to his mother. 

In this ode, the artist sends consolidation to re-affirm perceived solidarity with Amai that even in his absence he remains grounded in the belief that her blessing is the ultimate drive in the streets and a critical ingredient in what he is cooking. 

The song has gained validation from music listeners with an impressive 100k views on YouTube just slightly above the 24-hour mark. Mangwana Kunei is a rhetoric aptly addressing everyone's state of mind - what's there to get in 2024.

Begotten Sun, an acclaimed OG also shared some quick thoughts on the song - 

"Bling 4 is always a pleasure to listen to. His heartfelt cadence and spoken flow is very unique. I now need his production team to force his creativity, beats and delivery to diversify so that when we hear the next song it doesn't feel and sound like the last one"

Listen to the song below and share your thoughts with us!

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