Master H, Voltz JT Hit The Year Running With Dhanzi

The streets are buzzing with the catchy Jamaican corruption of nawanadem with its origins derived from patois. Nawadem is a phrase from the latest song Dhanzi by Master H featuring Voltz JT. In an interview with KVG, Master H confirmed that nawanadem means the one I name when translated. 

Master H, Voltz JT Dhanzi mp3 download
Master H

Of late, dancehall and hip-hop collaborations are yielding positive returns on the local music scene as more artists see it as a shot worth taking. The fusion of these two genres has twisted the "Zimdancehall has met its demise" plot critics had stamped.

The song Dhanzi celebrates the eventual breakthrough of Master H onto the mainstream. He closed 2023 as one of the industry's most sought-after chanters. Voltz JT compliments this message in his verse, expressing that those who used to exalt themselves are having a bite of the humble pie now that roles have been reversed.

The song is generating a lot of buzz and surely set tongues wagging in the streets. Check out Dhanzi by Master H featuring Voltz JT via the link below and share your comments with us.

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