Ryan Synth collaborates with Asaph and Simba Tagz for "Take It Slow"

After a long hiatus from releasing music, Ryan Synth is back with "Take It Slow". A collaboration with Asaph and Simba Tagz that brings the world of HipHop, Afrobeats and Amapiano together. The track itself was born out of Ryan Synth's desire to experiment with different sound styles. From then it was a matter of the trio experimenting with different elements in the studio until they found the right balance.

Ryan Synth collaborates with Asaph and Simba Tagz for "Take It Slow"

True to its name, Take It Slow has a calm and easy tempo. Simba Tagz vocalizes the chorus and brings a certain harmony to the music. The song expresses the sentiment of savouring the moment and not rushing. If the track could be summed up in a phrase, it would be, "Let's take a step and breathe". Asaph expresses himself at his characteristic best. He doesn't slow down his usual tongue-twisting cadence but it still works with the production.

Take It Slow is not only Ryan Synth's first release in a long time but also an announcement of his intentions this year. The DJ will release an Extended Play titled EL Jéfé in March, and Take It Slow is the first single from that project.

In addition to being one of the rising (If not already renowned) names in Zimbabwe's DJing space, Ryan Synth has worked on music with Cal Vin, Nitefreak, DJ Stavo, Murphy Cubic, Freeman, Alick Macheso, Dj Scooby, and Miss Pam among others. He has graced events like HeadSpace, Jacaranda Music Festival and AfroBeyond.

Checkout the track "Take It Slow" below:

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