Saintfloew, OCD Sweep The Mess In New Song 'Bruce Wayne'

It is yet another OCD production totalling three Saintfloew anchored features. Bruce Wayne is a fascinating title to an equally breathtaking creativity – a renowned complex character and complicated, just like all members of humanity!

Slyme Foxx
Slyme Foxx

The two parties, OCD and Saintfloew sunk in controversy when the former claimed Bipolar to be one of their tracks. Bipolar opened Saintfloew’s 2024 account as his official release.

The chaos shed light on more skirmishes within the record label as it has been rumoured that signed artists are protesting for improved contracts than they currently have.

The three hip-hop cats have had a fair share of drama with the industry’s handlers. Their chemistry in tracks Zero Fear and Hip Hip Hure explains the status quo of being viciously sought after.

The track Bruce Wayne is ironically described as ‘2022 throwaway’. Two years later it seems Bruce Wayne has been ageing well.

Saintfloew enjoys the task of carrying the hook to set the ball rolling for Slyme and Icey. Slyme Foxx ‘Gava’ inserts his claws into the first verse. Gava’s delivery has been a standout quality whose style is refreshingly new on the hip-hop scene. Icey Ekxene's counterpart rounds off the track with a verse that catapults the prevailing vibe to much higher energy. He is the only melodic rapper on this track and seems to have had the lion’s share of substance.

One thing guaranteed with OCD is the top-notch beats doing half the work for rappers. This track was cleared off the archives; hence, little anticipation for visuals is quite logical.

Listen to the song using the link below and share your thoughts with us.

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